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Northwest is looking to hire a coordinator of Greek Life to fall in line with the strategic initiatives and action items listed as apart of the Greek Life Visioning Plan.

The goal of the Greek Life Visioning Plan is to curate a long-term vision for a robust Greek community. The Greek Life Visioning Plan was incorporated into the Greek community in January 2017. The Greek Life Visioning Plan Executive Summary wasn’t publicly released until recently.

The University decided “appropriate timing” back in November 2015 called for the start of a Greek Life vision plan. The appropriate timing mentioned in the Greek Life Visioning Plan Executive Summary is referring to the suspension of Tau Kappa Epsilon Delta Nu chapter for violations of Greek Life risk management policies.

The Greek Life Visioning Plan Executive Summary includes the reasoning behind the need for a plan, those involved in the project, how the project was executed, a vision statement for Greek Life, goals for Greek Life and a hefty list of strategic initiatives and action items to be taken followed by the projected outcomes.

The Greek Life Visioning Plan was headed by past Greek Life Coordinator Lauren Stehlik and put into action by Assistant Director of Greek Life Megan DeShon-Runge when she started working for the University in September 2017.

“A lot of this was prompted because of things that were going on on campus in 2014-15. Things went on with TKE; TKE ended up being removed from campus,” DeShon-Runge said. “They wanted to come out with what are our issues, what is keeping us from really moving forward as a Greek Life department in Student Affairs. That’s where they made this.”

In the Greek Life Visioning Plan is strategic initiative and action item number 3.4.1 that says “add one additional full-time professional the Greek Life team” which is where the new hiring position comes into play.

DeShon-Runge said she is excited to add another professional to Greek Life and receive support.

“I started in September of last year, and I feel like it has been putting out dumpster fires and treading water, just getting the very basic things done as fast as we can. Hopefully, with this new position, we can use the visioning plan and start looking at where we want to be in five years and how to get there,” DeShon-Runge said. “Hopefully we can start putting those stepping stones into place.”

Assistant professor and Phi Mu Faculty Advisor Joy Daggs was one of the members who made up the Task Force Membership to help create the Greek Life Visioning Plan. Daggs said she hopes the new Greek Life Coordinator hire focuses on academics, and highlights how Greek Life can help with academic success.

“I told Megan I want to continue being on the hiring committee for the new person because I am a more active voice for that,” Daggs said. “I’m an academic advisor for one of the chapters here on campus so I keep a little toe in Greek Life as much as I can.”

The position for a coordinator of Greek Life application opened Dec. 1. DeShon-Runge said there is already a strong candidate pool. She is the chair of the hiring committee and will start looking through applications Feb. 1.

“I’m really hopeful that we can get someone in here who can hit the ground running who is super passionate about Greek Life,” DeShon-Runge said. “I think Northwest has the potential to have a strong Greek Life community. I think this position is going to be awesome for that.”

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