Councilors Martin and BEN

Both Northwest graduates, Mayor Rachael Martin and Councilman Ben Lipiec are running unopposed for their seats in the April 7 municipal election.

A general municipal election for the appointment of two Maryville city council members will take place April 7, an election voters need to register by March 11.

The two officials up for reelection are Councilman Ben Lipiec and Mayor Rachael Martin.

The council serves as the governing body of the city, making decisions that affect the daily lives of nearly 12,000 citizens, formulating policies and providing direction to the staff through the city manager.

Traditionally, council members serve as advocates in regional boards and commissions like the Greater Maryville Chamber of Commerce and the Northwest Missouri Regional Council of Governments.

As of Feb. 12, both Martin and Lipiec are running unopposed in the election. If the candidates won, they would secure public office seats for three more years.

Mayor Rachael Martin

Rachael Martin has served the city as mayor since her first appointment in 2014 and reelection in 2017. Rachael Martin replaced Jason McDowell, who was reelected to city council following Rachael Martin taking office.

Rachael Martin came to Maryville in 2005 to attend Northwest. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in marketing and met her husband, Aramark Senior Food Service Director Spencer Martin, while attending.

Rachael Martin spends her free time with her three young children at home, who she said love spending time outdoors.

In addition to her responsibilities on the council, Rachael Martin works for Bank Midwest.

Rachael Martin has been part of planning numerous projects in Maryville and helped dedicate budgets and policy allowing them to take place. She said she likes being a part of Maryville’s close-knit community and hopes to continue in public office to make changes for the better.

A few projects and changes Rachael Martin has been involved in include receiving a $10.4 million grant for the South Main Improvement project, breaking ground for the new Maryville Public Safety Facility, helping crews fill potholes after the 2018-19 winter season, several ribbon cutting ceremonies for businesses and the Fourth Street project.

More recent work from the mayor includes working with City Manager Greg McDanel on problem-solving issues with Mozingo Lake and working to strengthen the water filtration process at the city water facility. Rachael Martin joined the council on a tour of the facility Feb. 10.

Rachael Martin said she has enjoyed building partnerships with local organizations and entities to progress together and hopes her work will help provide a bright future for Maryville citizens.

“When we are finished, people will not believe what we started with,” Rachael Martin said.

Councilman Ben Lipiec

Lipiec was elected to his first three-year term to the city council in 2017. A lifelong resident of the Maryville area, Lipiec graduated from Northwest in 2007.

In addition to responsibilities on city council, Lipiec works as the sales supervisor at Nucor-LMP, a company that produces steel products.

Lipiec lives in Maryville with his wife Mandy and their four children. He volunteers at Big Brothers Big Sisters, United Way and The Source.

His time on council has been much like that of Martin’s, helping discuss and decide budget moves, project planning and being involved in the community.

Lipiec said his favorite part of being in public office is seeing first-hand the kind of work that goes into making changes for the city.

“Some of my favorite experiences while being on council are just that — the growth of a small town and the many transformations,” Lipiec said.

Lipiec mentioned the conference center, the new Public Safety building, the construction of Hughes Fieldhouse and the progress of the South Main Improvement Project as highlights of his time in office so far.

Lipiec was published in the Maryville Forum in March 2019 with a piece where he discussed local changes and citizen participation in the governmental process. Filling the spot of mayor pro-tem, he encouraged citizens to be knowledgeable about the processes and planning the city undergoes weekly.

Lipiec said he has learned a lot in serving on council and looks forward to continuing to serve the city as a councilman.

“There are so many different plans for Maryville over the next few years that it excites me to say that, yes, I am running again on the April ballot,” Lipiec said.

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