Local Moms Form Activist Group Against Gun Violence

Local moms band together to form an activist group working towards reducing gun violence in America.

Moms Demand Action discussed how guns impact domestic violence during its meeting Feb. 26.

Moms Demand Action is an activist group that educates people about gun laws, how to protect children from guns and other issues that involve guns. The group focuses on changing gun laws while supporting the Second Amendment.

Meghann Kosman is a court and victim advocate for the Maryville Children and Family Center. Kosman spoke to the group, explaining that there are three different bills relating to gun laws within domestic violence cases in Missouri that have not yet been passed.

Senate Bill 41 would make people who have committed crimes or misdemeanors of sexual assault and domestic violence, or who have an order of protection against them, unable to purchase a gun or have firearms in their possession. Senate Bill 94 and House Bill 163 also reflect domestic violence misdemeanors and protection orders.

Moms Demand Action was originally started by Shannon Watts after the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting. Moms Demand Action is a subset of Everytown for Gun Safety. Since then, the group has grown from a Facebook group to having an established chapter in every state.

Maryville resident Jessica Piper started the Maryville chapter, one of the several chapters in Missouri. Piper was originally a member of the North Kansas City, Missouri, Moms Demand Action chapter before starting the chapter in Maryville.

Piper said, she found a lot of like-minded people who felt the same about gun laws in Missouri. After the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, she decided to create her own chapter in Maryville.

“People perceive Moms Demand as anti-gun, and we are not,” Piper said. “We’re helping support the Second Amendment by keeping people from dying. We need to work with gun owners.”

Moms Demand Action not only discusses gun violence and children; it also touches on other factors that gun violence could effect. Right now, the group is focusing on domestic violence and how lenient gun laws can contribute to domestic violence cases.

As Kosman spoke, she touched on statistics of sexual assault in the United States, sexual assault charges, myths of false accusations, the legal process that victims go through after sexual assault, statistics of stalking, domestic violence within relationships and gun violence in domestic relationships.

“I’m not here to talk politically about partisan issues,” Kosman said. “I’m here to talk about a bipartisan issue that is for the safety of domestic and sexual violence victims. This isn’t anything against the Second Amendment.”

Students Demand Action has similar goals as Moms Demand Action; the only difference is the group is student ran. The student organization is in the works but is not yet official.

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