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Jeremy Waldeier works at the Visitor Center at the University. The Visitor Center is located by the residence halls Hudson and Perrin.

Northwest Admissions and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion are partnering with the Hispanic Development Fund to help Latino and Latina students attend Northwest.

Executive Director of Student Recruitment Jeremy Waldeier said in an email to The Missourian that the office is looking to expand with support from The Northwest Foundation Board. Northwest Admissions is looking to open up more opportunities for Hispanic, Latino and Latina students from across the Kansas City metropolitan area. 

“The HDF mission is to improve the quality of life of Latino families in Greater Kansas City by engaging the Latino community in philanthropy to build stronger communities through grant making and scholarship support,” Waldeier said in the email.

The fund offers support to schools in the Kansas City area by awarding scholarships to students and providing them with more resources. By partnering with them, Northwest is creating a space and more support for Hispanic, Latino and Latina students. 

Northwest has begun an effort to aid in the enrollment of underrepresented students as a whole. According to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion’s Mid-Year Report, The Northwest Foundation Board was looking to help with this. 

According to the report, the University is looking to expand the Latino and Latina demographic at Northwest and is considering contributing additional funds to enhance the partnership with HDF to enroll Hispanic students. 

The Northwest Foundation Board provided the funding behind this partnership while Admissions worked with HDF and found support from the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. 

Associate Provost of Diversity and Inclusion Justin Mallett said the University has seen a growing demographic of Hispanic students and that this is a way to welcome and support underrepresented students. 

“We see the trends showing that our Hispanic student population is growing,” Mallett said. “For us, diversity and inclusion is a lot more than just one race or demographic. Diversity and inclusion goes across areas such as race, religion, sexual orientation and more.”

HDF awards scholarships to Hispanic students, and Northwest matches the amount given to the student. The money given varies depending on what the student was awarded, but Northwest will award the same for up to $5,000. 

In addition to matching the scholarships given by HDF, the University offers more support to underrepresented students with scholarships through the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

“Hispanic students are eligible for a lot of scholarships that we have available through diversity and inclusion,” Mallett said. “For our multicultural scholarship, if you identify as an underrepresented minority, then you are put in the running to get that scholarship.”

With added support and extra resources from HDF, Northwest is trying to provide a space where underrepresented students can feel assisted when coming to college. 

“The point of the partnership is also to allow us to identify students who want to go to college and have Northwest as a potential option of where they want to go,” Mallett said. “My goal is to give them more opportunities to go to college and this partnership will hopefully allow this population of students to see Northwest as a viable option of somewhere to go.”

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