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A Northwest student hosted and organized a blood drive Aug. 23 on the third floor of the J.W. Jones Student Union.

Junior Bailey Christensen has been donating blood regularly since high school and was motivated to host the blood drive for the Blood Stock Scholarship. She received $300 due to the amount of donors that gave blood at her blood drive through the scholarship.

“The scholarship was a great benefit,” Christensen said. “In general, it's a really good cause and it was something that is beneficial to others more than it is me, but it’s a great way that I can help out.”

Christensen planned the blood drive over the summer after taking a summer course on event planning and shadowing an event in St. Joseph, Missouri. Working with the Community Blood Center, she decided a summer blood drive would be best.

“We found the best time would be after school had started but at least 56 days prior to the Homecoming blood drive,” Christensen said. “You have to wait 56 days or eight weeks to give blood again.”

Northwest sophomore Katelyn Kramer is a regular blood donor who donated at the blood drive and plans to donate again at the Homecoming blood drive. Kramer said she chooses to donate blood because it’s her duty and she has seen first-hand how it can save a life.

“One of my cousins needed a blood transfusion after a bad car wreck,” Kramer said. “We are lucky she was able to have access to it thanks to everyone who donated.”

Senior Mackenzie Clark said she feels blessed to not personally know anyone who has been in need of donated blood.

“It’s important to donate blood because it is such an easy thing to do to help others,” Clark said. “It may take an hour out of my time to donate, but my blood could possibly save someone’s life — someone who just needs a transfusion or maybe it goes to a hospital where they use it in a time of crisis.”

Christensen said 40 bags of blood were donated by 43 donors at the blood drive.

The next scheduled blood drive at Northwest, the Homecoming blood drive, will be Oct. 22 through Oct. 24 on the third floor of the J.W. Jones Student Union, hosted by the Homecoming Committee.

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