The University has announced Colden Hall has been put on a temporary quarantine after bedbugs were discovered in a classroom.

According to a Northwest press release sent out to students Nov. 29 the bugs were only found in a few Colden classrooms.

“Northwest became aware Tuesday of the remnants of bed bugs inside some Colden Hall classrooms, and the University began working with a pest control service to inspect the building and treat the affected rooms,” according to the press release.

Classes were canceled and the building was closed Nov. 29 and is not expected to open back up until Monday morning. All daytime classes Thursday and Friday are cancelled and evening classes were relocated to other university buildings.

Junior De’Sean Robinson who works in Colden Hall believes the University should have been more upfront about the infestation with employees.

"As an employee I️ feel like something should have been said to me but nothing has about the the bed bugs problem, I have heard nothing about it," Robinson said.

However, as also stated in the press release bed bugs do not harbor diseases and can easily be treated.

“It is important to note that, although they are a nuisance, bed bugs do not transmit disease. Bed bugs are common in public spaces and these outbreaks are not correlated to cultural or socio-economic statuses. Northwest conducts monthly pest control treatments to prevent the spread of bed bugs,” according to the press release.

If it is believed you have been impacted by the infestation you should put all affected items in a trash bag then empty the items from the trash bag directly into a dryer. The dryer should be ran on high for 30 minutes and the trash bag should be sealed and thrown away outside.

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