McKemy rezoning

Lexi Riggs tweeted, "Hey @NW_UPD why is mckemy being converted to faculty," Oct. 16, which prompted the University Police Department to confirm the rezoning of the lot from commuter and faculty/staff to faculty/staff only.

The University Police Department confirmed on Twitter Oct. 16 that Lot 31, west of McKemy Center, will change from mixed-use to faculty/staff parking only.

University Police Chief Clarence Green said the lot is being restricted to faculty/staff only because parking spots are being removed to make the crosswalk safer.

“We had increased some spots there and remodeled the lot last year; we changed the entrance and exit around,” Green said. “But then the crosswalk, the parking lots cut across that crosswalk, and so it placed those folks walking into that crosswalk maybe into more danger than what we had before restructuring the lot.”

With parking spots removed to make way for the crosswalk, the lot will contain only enough spots to accommodate faculty and staff who use the lot.

Green said UPD will continue to monitor the situation to see if new commuter parking needs to be added to compensate.

UPD has been leaving warning tickets on commuters’ cars this week, which is what prompted the tweet announcing the change.

Lexi Riggs tweeted a picture of her warning ticket, asking why the lot was being converted to faculty/staff only.

Green said 10 to 15 students usually park in Lot 31.

Green said there are not any other rezonings planned, but some lots will redesignate certain parking spaces.

Scooter parking spots in Lot 4 behind Colden Hall will be moved to a more easily accessible part of the lot.

Lot 60 by the Carl and Cheryl Hughes Fieldhouse will gain more handicap parking spots, and another sidewalk will be added.

Another handicap parking spot will also be added to the lot behind Valk Center.

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