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A sexual assault was reported to the University Police Department around 2:45 p.m. Oct. 22. The sexual assault was reported to have occurred between 11:30 a.m. and noon Oct. 14 in the second floor women’s restroom at the J.W. Jones Student Union.

The suspect was described as a tall, white male with blue eyes and blonde hair.

University Police Chief Clarence Green said the victim is evaluating options and has not decided whether or not to press charges or pursue the issue through the Title IX process.

Green said since the incident is still under investigation, he could not say whether the victim knew the suspect or not.

The campus-wide email alerting the community of the incident urged students to call UPD if they have any information about the incident. It also said to call if students feel unsafe in any situation.

“(We sent the email out) for the safety of the institution,” Green said. “It represented an ongoing threat, and so that’s why we sent the information out.”

The campus-wide email urged bystanders to intervene in concerning situations and prevent predators from isolating victims, which can reduce the likelihood of a sexual crime occurring.

“You may directly intervene by checking in with either the potential perpetrator or the victim by asking if everything is OK or expressing your concerns about the behavior you are witnessing,” according to the email. “You also can delegate when you recognize a concerning situation and feel like someone else is better suited to intervene, by calling police, a friend or a resident assistant.”

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