Northwest Wrestling Club

Northwest junior William Anderson came to the University looking forward to joining the championship-winning wrestling club he was told about while on a campus tour. Anderson was disappointed to learn upon his arrival that the club had disbanded, so he decided to start his own.

After being approved by Northwest’s Student Senate as a new student organization, Wrestling Club hopes to allow students a space to practice and eventually compete with different schools around the Midwest. 

Junior William Anderson, founder of Wrestling Club, was looking forward to the championship-winning wrestling club at Northwest when he toured before coming to school here and was disappointed when he found that the club had been disbanded. Years later, he has found a group of people that want to reestablish a completely new wrestling club on Northwest’s campus. 

Student Senate President Kirayle Jones said that there were no objections to the approval of this club and that it is something students will enjoy having on campus.

“I think that the wrestling club will benefit the student body,” Jones said. “This club will allow those students who may have wrestled in the past or students curious about the sport to partake in an organization that offers an enjoyable extracurricular."

After collaborating with students and faculty on campus as well as community members, there was hope that came with the Senate approving the club from all around. 

“Wrestling is a huge part of my life, and when Senate approved it, I almost cried,” Anderson said. “It was a huge relief off my shoulders because I had all these guys that are super into the sport and local community members who want to see the sport come back to Northwest.” 

The new club is composed of 10 men and one woman who are now looking to eventually compete with different clubs in surrounding areas.

Though the club is looking to compete, the University currently has a policy in place against contact sports due to COVID-19, but Anderson said the club is going to use this time wisely to practice and keep people safe.

“Currently we want to start getting into the gym and back into shape,” Anderson said. “We know we are not actually going to be able to grapple with each other yet, but it’s the manner of getting back into physical shape.” 

Wrestling Club also wants to collaborate with Maryville High School and the Maryville R-II School District with different wrestling events and practices. 

“We will be helping out with their wrestling and maybe practicing with them when COVID is over,” Anderson said. “We also want them to be involved with our organization as well, whether that is by having mat sessions or having them come train with us.”

When looking into the future of the club, there is hope that this could eventually become a recognized sport at Northwest and something that people want to come to Northwest and be a part of.

“I want it to be an opportunity for people who love the sport and want to continue it,” Anderson said. “Eventually we want to be able to give people scholarships, and Northwest can use it as a recruitment tactic.” 

Sponsor Arghya Goswami said that Anderson came to him with the idea, and he thought it was a good opportunity for students to stay fit, reach out into the community and would be a good opportunity to build their resumes.

“Having an extracurricular transcript rather than just an academic transcript looks good,” Goswami said. “Collaboration with the school district brings a possibility that there could be new students to Northwest because of the platform they are used to.” 

Though there was a former wrestling club, the current members are wanting to make this program last and continue on unlike the last program. 

“This is something completely new, and we are making it ours,” Anderson said. “This is something that is going to last for years to come.”

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