(Grade book Training)

Assistant professor Nivanthi Mihindukulasooriya and professor Christine Benson ask questions about Northwest Online (Canvas) at the grade book training event Sept. 17 at B.D. Owens Library.

Gary Zhao, a software program specialist at Northwest, led a gradebook training session for faculty to attend and learn about new features offered in Northwest Online (Canvas) Sept. 17 in B.D. Owens Library. This is the second gradebook training session held this semester.

Professors were taught about new grading features available through the gradebook and how to navigate Canvas’ new teacher interface.

“They just put out the new version, so there’s many new features ‒ they changed the interface. They changed the functionality,” Zhao said. “We have to let the faculty know everything about the gradebook because this is a very important thing for faculty and students.”

Natural sciences assistant professor Nivanthi Mihindukulasooriya said she will be using several features covered in the training session to help her when grading now that she knows where to find them and how to access them.

“I really liked that I can use the late policy (feature), especially for my online classes I do,” Mihindukulasooriya said. “I would have to manually do that, but with the new technology, that will be great.”

Throughout the training session, professors could ask questions for Zhao or the group to answer regarding the gradebook changes. They could also follow along and walk through Canvas’ new features and interface on their own laptops.

Math and statistics professor Christine Benson said she appreciated the group atmosphere of the training session.

“It is helpful to have these kinds of conversations, No. 1 because of the purpose that’s here, but also with colleagues,” Benson said. “They ask questions I wouldn’t think to ask, and they know about other things that I didn’t know about.”

Approximately 20 faculty members have attended a gradebook training session so far this semester. Six more training sessions are planned to be held later in the semester.

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