PBL Palooza

Camilo Riveros is one of around 40 students who participated in the PBL Palooza Nov. 17 in the Carl and Cheryl Hughes Fieldhouse. Students showcased their profession-based learning experiences with posters, and students voted on their favorites for prizes. 

Students lined up around the Carl and Cheryl Hughes Fieldhouse with their posters next to them eager to present their work on projects and internships over the past few months.

Career Services hosted PBL Palooza for students to share their profession-based learning involvement Nov. 17. Around 40 students presented posters broadcasting their projects and other learning experiences. 

“The main reason we love to promote profession-based learning is that students are doing so many cool projects on and off campus, and we love helping them tell their stories,” Director of Partnerships and Placement Jill Brown said.

Senior Natalie Coté and junior Vanessa Purcell presented a project and website they’d been working on together throughout the past semester. Purcell said this is an opportunity for people to learn the importance of their course content, and this was a platform for them to broadcast their work they’d done in their art history major. 

 “It’s in conjunction with our local history practicum class, so it’s an opportunity for us to take all the research we’ve done and projects we’ve created and present them to people,” Coté said. “We want to show how cool our class is and get to talk to someone about this who isn’t in our class.”

Career Services Internship Coordinator Travis Kline said the office wanted to give students who have recently completed an internship, field experience, student practicum, research project or a class project an opportunity to share their work. 

“Many academic areas already have poster night events where these same posters are displayed by past interns, and this is an opportunity for students to use that same material again and maybe win some cool prizes for their work and effort,” Kline said. 

People attending the event had the chance to vote on their favorite posters, and the winners earned  an array of prizes as a reward for their presentations and projects. 

Though prizes for the most popular posters is a plus to presenting at the event, Career Services believes there are more benefits to this event for the people attending. 

“As a student, you can see what your peers are doing and ask them about their experiences,” Kline said. “If you see someone had an internship somewhere you are interested in, you can ask them how they found it, applied and what the experience was like for them.”

Career Services usually hosts this event every semester but had to cancel this past spring. They are glad to have brought it back this semester to help show off what profession-based learning students are doing. 

Abdul Wahed Ansari, marketing intern and graduate student, presented the Northwest Coronavirus Stories archive for people to document the way they have been affected by COVID-19. He used this event to showcase the work he’d been doing with history faculty who created the archive.


“I wanted to showcase my internship, and I knew PBL Palooza was an opportunity for me to show my work.” Ansari said. “For my project, everyone is aware of it to some extent, but this event is a platform for me to share my project with them.” 

Though this is a way for students to learn about opportunities other students on campus, Career Services encourages students to use them as a resource. Students can contact the Career Services website or email them career@nwmissouri.edu with any questions.

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