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Phi Mu - Zeta Lambda chapter welcomes new members on bid day in 2017. This year, bid day will. be at Bearcat Stadium to allow for social distancing.

Northwest’s Panhellenic recruitment week will be primarily virtual for the first time Sept. 16 through Sept. 21, with the exception of Bid Day as a socially distanced event. 

The informational events are taking place over Zoom throughout the week in small Gamma Chi groups, consisting of multiple potential new members and their recruitment counselors who will attend the meeting along with them. 

“Our role during recruitment week is to be a guide for the new members,” recruitment counselor junior Bailee Urban said. “Virtual recruitment is a scary new thing for everyone, but I am there to support them and find their new home during the process.” 

Recruitment is starting off Sept. 16 with a virtual showcase attended by the smaller groups. This Zoom meeting will include a rundown on all of the events for the week and making sure all new members are able to access the technology necessary for the remainder of the week. 

Virtual open houses are set to take place Sept. 17 and 18. During the first day of open houses, new members will break into their virtual groups to watch welcome videos and be introduced to all of the chapters they are potentially able to join. 

Day 2 of open house sessions will have a more personal touch, where potential members will attend virtual parties to learn more about the chapters, while the chapter members get to know recruits. During this meeting, the groups will attend virtual parties for all five chapters on campus. 

After finding out more about the organizations, there is a virtual philanthropy round Sept. 19. New members will attend up to four chapters to find out more in-depth financial information as well as their chapter on a national level. 

On Sept. 20, new members will narrow down their choices with the preference round. They will attend two chapters and learn about the organization's values and rituals while chapter members make their final decisions for the next day. 

The final day of recruitment, Bid Day, Sept. 21, is going to be a socially distanced, in-person event at Bearcat Stadium to allow enough space for new members and chapters to meet. Broken apart into their seven small Gamma Chi groups, every participating member will receive their organization invitations. After that, recruits will break apart and gather with their new chapters, located across the arena. 

While the virtual schedule is worked out, some potential new members are worried about the switch to online and what the outcome of the week will look like for them. 

“I am looking forward to meeting new girls, since I am a transfer student and don’t know many,” sophomore Emma Bishop said. “I’m mainly concerned that my conversations won’t be as personable online.”

Bishop also said this might change the outcome of what chapter she ends up joining.

Despite the few concerns of a virtual week, Assistant Director of Greek Life Megan DeShon, who helped finalize and broadcast the online events, and Gamma Chi recruitment counselors are optimistic the new members will be excited for the in-person Bid Day. 

Those wanting to take part in the recruitment week  are still able to sign up until 6 p.m. Sept. 16 for a fee of $35 on the recruitment website.

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