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A student volunteer scans temperatures before community members can check in at the mass vaccination clinic in the Hughes Fieldhouse. The vaccine clinic has consistently hosted weekly vaccination events since Jan. 26.

At the first COVID-19 mass vaccination clinic three weeks ago, roughly 700 residents received their first dose of the vaccine. This week, they are scheduled to receive their second dose at the Feb. 17 mass clinic.

President of Mosaic Medical Center - Maryville Nate Blackford said the hospital has received enough second doses to vaccinate everyone who is scheduled to receive a second dose.

Blackford explained that when any vaccination administrator orders a shipment of first dose vaccines from Pfizer or Moderna, the same amount of second dose vaccines is guaranteed once they have received the first shipment of doses.

“I believe we have 726 that got doses three weeks ago … we will be administering those individuals their second doses,” Blackford said.

He also noted that as of Feb. 15 Mosaic - Maryville has that supply in house and ready for the upcoming mass vaccination event.

Blackford said the shipment of second doses comes separate from the shipment of first doses for both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. He also said that both companies guarantee the same amount of second doses per shipment according to how many were received of first doses.

The Missouri COVID-19 Dashboard urges people to get their second dose as soon as they can after either the 21-day or 28-day waiting period, depending on if Pfizer or Moderna was administered.

Blackford said it is important that people receive their second doses through the same vaccine administrator who gave their first doses to help ensure an adequate supply of second doses at all vaccine administrator locations.

The Missouri COVID-19 Dashboard also states that people who miss their scheduled time should still get their second dose as soon as possible.

Many have questioned what would happen if people miss doses of the COVID-19 vaccines. Blackford said there is not enough testing to know what would really happen.

“Best practice is that you receive your second dose within seven days after its due date,” Blackford said.

The leniency provided by the seven extra days helps with scheduling the mass clinics in that it doesn’t have to be held on the exact day that the vaccine is due in case of complications with weather or vaccine availability.

“There’s some new literature coming out … about what the manufacturers are saying about the window for the second dose,” Blackford said. “Some are saying you can go substantially longer than that seven-day window, but we’re certainly targeting to get everybody their second dose within that seven-day window.”

According to the Missouri COVID-19 Dashboard, as of Feb. 16 564 second doses have been administered in Nodaway County. A total of 3,898 doses have been administered in the county, 3,330 of them being first doses.

It is currently unknown if a missed second dose would require someone to go back through the entire vaccination process, including redoing the first dose.

According to Missouri’s COVID-19 Dashboard, as of Feb. 16 Missouri residents 85 years or older — representing the largest group initiating vaccinations — make up 34.9% of people in the state getting vaccines. People ages 65 to 74 years old are the second largest group initiating vaccinations at 25.2%. Student-aged populations, 15 to 24 years old, are the smallest group initiating vaccination in the state at 3%.

There is no information on how many of these age groups are actually receiving vaccines in Nodaway County. 

According to the Nodaway County Dashboard, as of Feb. 12, the most recent information, there is one new case and a total of 2,548 cases. There are 29 current cases in the county, 10 of which are from Northwest.

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