Storm Sewer System

Maryville city council met and approved a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System at the April city council meeting.

The city of Maryville approved a large contract with a local bank, financing for 12 new pieces of turf maintenance equipment at Mozingo Lake Recreation Park.

The city council approved a $225,000 lease-purchase agreement with Kansas Golf and Turf out of Wichita, Kansas, for new maintenance equipment at Mozingo. U.S. Bank of Maryville will finance the purchase at a 3.15% annual rate.

The council said the ordinance came with the need of new quality equipment that would properly function and last longer than what the park possessed before.

The city budget included $50,000 a year for the duration of a five-year lease commitment for equipment with its company of choice. Added lease interest places the total price of the approved contract at an estimated $243,748.25.

The city plans to split the cost over multiple budgets.

Director of Mozingo Ron Darnell said the park is replacing necessary equipment.

“The park did not buy any piece of equipment we did not have before but replaced units that have exceeded their useful life,” Darnell said. “Some of which were 20 years old.”

Mozingo purchased the majority of its equipment in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The push for new equipment came after items in the park began to malfunction.

Equipment to be purchased includes three triplex mowers, two Trucksters, three zero-turn mowers, one bunker rake, one spray rig and two utility carts.

Darnell said certain aspects of the park require specialized equipment.

“Management of a golf course playing surface requires the use of what I would call specialty mowers,” Darnell said. “For instance, a greens mower has to be precise enough to mow the grass at one-tenth of an inch without scalping or damaging the green.”

With the need to replace broken equipment, the city decided to consider financing options allowing Mozingo to access the new equipment during the buying process.

Assistant City Manager Ryan Heiland said the park is in desperate need for the equipment, and a lease-purchase option was the best way to go.

“It’s a critical need,” Heiland said. “What we have now is well beyond its useful life.”

Board members considered multiple companies for leasing options and narrowed the decision between Kansas Golf and Turf and Van Wall Equipment (John Deere).

After consideration, the staff recommended Kansas Golf and Turf due to a notable difference in quality.

City Manager Greg McDanel spoke toward Kansas Golf and Turf at a council meeting during the approval process.

“We recommend the contract with Kansas Golf and Turf because their products are worth the price tag you see here,” McDanel said. “We’re looking to have quality equipment that will outlast what we have now.”

McDanel went on to say the financing element chosen by staff was best for the city and community.

“This financing method allows us financial stability in the fund and efficient use of tax dollars to maintain the park,” McDanel said.

The large contract allows for the city to replace broken or malfunctioning equipment all at once instead of replacing each piece-by-piece.

Heiland said most of the outdated equipment is inoperable.

“It was falling apart, to put it lightly,” Heiland said. “Some of it we wouldn't have been able to use this year at all.”

The 3,000-acre park surrounding a 1,000-acre lake requires an extensive amount of maintenance.

As a regional draw for tourism, the lake and surrounding park brings visitors that frequent Maryville and make local purchases, further stimulating the local economy.

McDanel said keeping the park well maintained is important in bringing people back.

“Mozingo Lake Recreation Park is maintained at a high-quality level for the benefit of our citizens and to ensure it remains a regional draw for tourism,” McDanel said.

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