Homecoming and midterms coincidently fall on the same week this year, leaving students to manage their time between studying and taking part in Homecoming activities.

Homecoming Graduate Assistant Delaney Kramer said the Homecoming date is picked by athletics and is based off of the football team. The only home football game in the month of October is the Oct. 13 game.

“This year we didn’t really have a say, we just get an email saying, ‘Here’s when Homecoming is going to be,’” Kramer said. “For this year, it was picked three years ago so it was already set.”

Since the Homecoming game falls early this year in comparison to previous years, Homecoming came a week early.

“The fact that everybody still got stuff done, they’ve been on top of the ball and with it being right smack in the middle of midterms, I’m very impressed with the students,” Kramer said.

Homecoming Executive Secretary Veronica Maere said students have been planning proactively in preparation for this busy week to minimize stress.

“I’ve talked to people in my organizations, and they’ve said that they are more ahead of schedule then they have ever been because they knew that they were going to fall in the same week,” Maere said.

Maere said there is not an ideal week to have Homecoming in October because students will always have some type of class workload.

“It’s either going to be the week before midterms when you’re trying to prep for it, the week during midterms where you’re stressing about it or the week after when you’re starting new units,” Maere said.

Kramer said a survey was sent out to students following Homecoming week last year, in that survey students said that Homecoming week did not affect their studies too much. She also said this will teach students crucial time management skills needed for a job.

“I always say you’re a student first,” Kramer said. “They need to put that first, I think everyone really tries to realize that we’re all still students first and homecoming should definitely come second. Trying to balance the two is really where we’re trying to fit in with everything and not to fail students by any means.”

Kramer said she encourages students and staff to send in feedback regarding Homecoming week and is curious to see what students will have to say in the follow-up Homecoming evaluation survey. The survey will be tweeted and emailed out, it open for anyone to take.

“When we send out our survey, we would love for people to be like ‘hey we would really appreciate if it wouldn't be on this week,’” Kramer said. “Obviously this year was a different circumstance, it's like do we do it in November? We also have Family Weekend so we have to be cautious of that from a University event planning standpoint. We try to not over program, give a lot of time in between the two with those things. We’d really appreciate the feedback from anybody."

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