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The South Main Improvement Project, which aims to provide Maryville with a safer and more welcoming entrance, will proceed with construction Oct. 11.

The first phase of the project, which received its funding at the City Council meeting Sept. 7, will begin the process of building underground power lines. The contractor — VF Anderson Builders LLC —  and Evergy will be onsite to oversee this process.

The project will go through three phases before it is complete. In total, the South Main Improvement Project will cost around $12.6 million. The cost will cover a new roadway, storm sewers, curbs, sidewalks, signalized pedestrian crossings, traffic signals, landscaping and updated street lighting. 

There will be no complete closures of South Main Street during the project.

Phase I is expected to take 15-18 months to complete. It will include improvements from South Avenue to the north entrance of Walmart. 

Phase II, which has not yet received full funding, will take place from the north entrance of Walmart to Highway V. Phase three will provide changes from Highway V to the Highway 71 Bypass. During this time, temporary poles will be left until fiber and telecom companies can bury their lines later in the project. 

“Through these improvements, we hope to create a safe and functional complete street with enhanced traffic control and pedestrian features,” said Maryville Mayor Benjamin Lipiec. 

City Manager Greg McDanel said that Phase II of the project could begin at any time if appropriate funding is met. This means the city could have multiple phases under construction simultaneously.

South Main Street is what visitors and residents first encounter when they enter the city, and is the road with the most day-to-day traffic.. The area that will be improved in this project encompasses 62% of Maryville’s retailers.

“The project will create a functional, safe and attractive street in Maryville’s mode-crucial commercial corridor,” said City Manager Greg McDanel. 

The City of Maryville and City Council have wanted this project to take place since the Maryville Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2012.

The city hired RDG Planning and Design in 2011 to develop the Maryville Comprehensive Plan and plan for future growth of the city.

The plan is designed to guide residential and economic development, community image, connectivity, and transportation movement. 

In the Maryville Comprehensive Plan, the City Council anticipated new growth in the southern part of town, as it wanted to avoid isolation in this area. The plan will include connections to unite this expanding area with the already established community and South Main Street.

“As City Manager, I am directly responsible to ensure the project's success. I will be working with the VF Anderson Builders, Missouri Department of Transportation, and the Federal Highway Association and other entities to coordinate progress and reporting on the project,” McDanel said. 

All improvements are planned to be completed in June 2023.

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