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Pi Kappa Alpha Vice President junior Marton Bagoly represents PIKE in front of Student Senate, sharing the fraternities values. Student Senate voted to recognize PIKE as an organization during its regular meeting Nov. 6.

Student Senate recognized a Greek organization, voted on an appropriation and a charitable donation during its meeting Nov. 6.

Student Senate voted to recognize Northwest’s Pi Kappa Alpha colony--currently comprised of 47 members--as an official student organization. PIKE is an international fraternity with a nationally bad reputation.

Senior Alyssa Lincoln mentioned PIKE’s reputation of suspensions for hazing and sexual assault, citing a Rolling Stone article that named a Florida based chapter in the top ten most out-of-control fraternities in America.

PIKE Vice President junior Marton Bagoly said Northwest’s chapter will have a zero tolerance policy toward hazing and sexual assault.

The recognition passed with one vote against. Bagoly and freshman Dylan Linch said becoming a recognized organization is a step toward becoming a chartered fraternity.

“It means we’re no longer just an idea or a figment of our imagination,” Linch said. “We’re something concrete that we can build a great foundation with.”

Student Senate appropriated $1,200 to the Nepalese Student Association for their Diwali celebration. Diwali is a festival that spans four religions and is known for singing and dancing as well as fireworks, lamps, lanterns and decorating houses with colored powder.

The NSA teamed up with the Indian Student Association to hold a celebration on campus Wednesday night. The event featured performers, singing and dancing, small fireworks including sparkler and ground bloomers and decorating competitions.

Junior Abha Niraula said this event is important to Nepali and Indian students because it’s like a home away from home.

“Most international students don’t get to go home that often,” Niraula said. “I personally have not been home for two and a half years, so it’s like a little bit of home for us; it’s something to remember home.”

Student Senate made a $1,038 charitable donation to St. Jude Up ‘Til Dawn. Up ‘Til Dawn is an annual fundraiser for St. Jude Research Hospital, which offers free treatment and living expenses for children with cancer.

The event takes place from 12-6 a.m. and includes food, games, competitions and prizes. Northwest is the 14th biggest school donor to St. Jude nationally. This year’s donation goal to St. Jude is $40,000.

Senior Carina Harding said Up ‘Til Dawn is an event held by different groups across the country to symbolize the sleepless nights for cancer patients and their families.

“We stay up all night for the kids,” Harding said. “We stay up because they fight. A few hours of not getting sleep is nothing compared to what they go through, and their families never get sleep either. It’s just a small sacrifice compared to what they go through every day.”

Student Senate is also seeking suggestions for campus improvements to be made with the $12,091 carryover budget from last school year.

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