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Governmental Affairs Representative Sophia Sanders discusses the upcoming Student Senate trip at the meeting Jan. 17. Senate discussed upcoming panels for the presidential search and vacancies within Senate. 

The first Student Senate meeting of the spring semester was held in Colden Hall instead of the normal Union Ballroom Jan. 17. Senate mainly discussed the vacancies in Senate positions. 

There have been several changes to the Senate members, including the Executive Board. Garrison Kennedy stepped down from the secretary position at the end of last semester and Jaelee Pittel is now the secretary for Senate. 

During this meeting, there were several nominations for the positions of senior class representative, on campus representative, off campus representative, junior class representative and sophomore class representative. The only nomination present was Shelby Godding, who was sworn in as the junior class representative. 

“I was on Panhellenic (Council), I was the Panhellenic rep. I’d love to be the junior rep for you and stay on Senate,” Godding said during the meeting.

There were no nominations for graduate representative and international representative.

President Elizabeth Motazedi updated the Senate members on the presidential search and the student panels that will be happening when the candidates come to campus. There will be four candidates coming to Northwest in February for interviews. The new president is expected to be announced this spring.

“This is pretty serious, and you guys should also take this seriously because you’re having a say in who our new president is for this University,” Motazedi said. 

Motazedi said not a lot of colleges offer this opportunity to students, so it is important for the Senate to attend these panels. 

Treasurer Jillian McNamara also recommended the Senate to go to a teaching program with the potential new hire for the political science department.

The Civic Service committee announced the blood drive for Feb. 21-23, and it is finding a date for highway cleanup. Last semester's blood drive brought in 143 units of blood, which was double the previous year's donation. 

The Student Senate legislative reception trip to Jefferson City will be Feb. 13-14. The students on this trip will be talking to legislators and going to several meetings involving Senate. 

“We’re getting an in-depth tour from an intern, and they’re going to take us to areas of the capital that they wouldn’t normally take people,” Motazedi said. 

Senate voted on $1,800 for the Governor’s Leadership Forum to fund four volunteers to go on another trip to Jefferson City, this trip is different from the other senate trip. The proposal was approved unanimously.

The Organizational Finance committee said it expects organizations to start coming to Senate and asking for appropriations at the next meeting Jan. 24. 

Senate finished the meeting with the normal inspiration, which is a short talk from one of the senators about something they find inspirational or interesting to share.

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