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Mock interviews have proven helpful in making students feel ready for their career. The Northwest Mock Interview Day was no different.

Northwest held the event Sept. 24 in Hughes Fieldhouse, while also being available via Zoom. Northwest Career Services hosted the event with the goal of providing students opportunities to prepare themselves for the future.

Six businesses were present at the mock interviews including: the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Kindred Biosciences, AgriVision Equipment, Hudl, Maryville High School and a dietary office. They all had questions ready for every student, who were willing to take a crack at it. 

Mock interviews are specifically designed to help students get a better understanding for what it is like to be interviewed by a professional in the student’s related field. 

Even though it is a mock interview, it can still be scary or intimidating for some. Questions can be difficult to answer, and the interviewee may feel underprepared. A few of the mock interviewers gave tips on how to prepare for an interview, real or not.

“Practice basic interview questions, review your answers, keep up a current resume,” registered dietician Krista Clark said.

The Career Services team is always willing to help prepare for career success, which includes helping with the interview process.

“Meet with the Career Services team, and they will help smooth out some of the rough edges. There you may even talk to someone in that field to prepare you,” said Mark Langemach from Kindred Biosciences.

For one interviewer, one way to prepare for an interview includes turning the tables a little bit during an interview.

“Do research on the company, so you know just what they’re like. Prepare questions for them at the end of the interview to show you cared and were paying attention,” Highway patrolman Rich Stewart said.

When it comes to how a person should dress for an interview, the interviewers highlighted what they said they believed were important and appropriate. 

“I don’t need to see someone in a coat, and I don’t need to see someone in a suit, but you need to show up like you care,” Langermach said. “That’s what is important, making it look like you care. I don’t want to see boots, and I don’t want to see jeans, but it doesn’t need to be too much either.”

Clark said it was important to dress nice and proceeded to point out the Career Closet that is available to Northwest students.

No matter how hard a student prepares themselves, it can still be difficult to calm nerves. The interviewers confirmed it is noticeable most of the time and gave their thoughts on being nervous during the interview.

“It is noticeable when someone is nervous, but I try to give them time to think,” Clark said.

Langemach said it is important for students to feel prepared when coming into an interview, no matter how they have to do so.

“I can tell when someone is prepared and when someone is confident. If that means practicing in the mirror, go for it,” Langemach said.

Steward said, “It’s okay to be nervous.” Daniels agreed and said, “Just be casual.”

With multiple businesses present, Clark said she felt the event was good for students, helping prepare them for their future careers. 

“This is just a great opportunity for employers and students,” Clark said.

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