Garrett-Strong Ceiling

Garrett-Strong had to relocate some classes Feb. 11 after ductwork in the ceiling fell. 

Facility Services is working to repair a ductwork system in the Garrett-Strong Science Building after it experienced issues Feb. 10.

The issues also caused some classes on the third floor of the building to be relocated Feb. 11. Acting Vice President of Facility Services and Capital Programs Alan Mays said the problems were caused by the weakening of the support systems holding the ductwork in place.

“What we have is duct systems that branch out to the classroom, and it appears as though we have had some metal fatigue on some of the fasteners for the ductwork, and so it dropped some of the ductwork just a little bit and messed with the ceiling grid,” Mays said.

Mays said he believes the issue was caused by age and the simple wear and tear of the fasteners.

“Over time sometimes, vibration and work in that area can cause metal fatigue, and that is exactly what happened,” Mays said. “What we are doing is going back in and using larger fastener and a large system to support the ductwork.”

An outside contractor and Facility Services workers are working to fix the initial problem but Mays said they may also be evaluating the entire building to ensure they do not encounter this problem again.

Mays said he is hopeful the repairs will not take long and is trying to work around class schedules to not interfere with student learning.

“The initial repair took us one day so that is why we had to close the classes down, and we after evaluation, we decided it was safe to have classes again on Tuesday. I believe the work will be complete somewhere by the middle to the end of next week,” Mays said.

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