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Horizons West Apartments, which is home to many Northwest students, will be undergoing renovations starting in January 2023 after switching management. 

Guardian Property Management took over management of the buildings in the middle of March, and since then has made multiple plans for the renovation and rebranding of the complex. Guardian Property owns many other buildings across Maryville that house Northwest students, such as Bearcat Village Apartments, The Birches and Peach Creek Apartments. 

The first of these changes made to Horizons West was the process of renaming the building. Now, the complex will be called Campus View Apartments. Matt Crawford, sales and marketing integrator for Guardian Property Management, said the name change comes from trying to get away from the negative stigma that currently surrounds the building. 

“It has an incredibly negative stigma around it,” Crawford said. “I've been in, and it's not that bad. It's really not. And honestly, a lot of Indian students, which I think is part of the stigma, are some of the sweetest people I've met on the planet.” 

Behind the rename, Guardian Property will be making renovations to the five buildings. Crawford said the first building renovation will start in January 2023, but it will be ready to rent by May 2023. Most leases that students in Maryville sign start in May and end the next May, so with the apartments being renovated, the leases will end in December.

With taking over the complex in the middle of March, many tenants have already signed their May-to-May leases, some of which were located in the first building, which is meant to be repaired during their lease.

Crawford said he has only had to move two tenants from the building that will be renovated in January. He said Guardian Property honored those leases and moved the tenants to another unit. 

“With acquiring this in March, the first process was figuring out, ‘Hey, do you intend to stay? Do you intend to leave?’ And so that's what we've done primarily for the last month is just really figuring out who is staying, who's leaving,” Crawford said. “We honestly haven't marketed it a ton, like most people don't know that we're offering six-month leases.” 

Along with offering six-month leases, Campus View offers many one-bedroom apartments, which Crawford said don’t come often in Maryville. Of the 108 apartments that make up the complex, 84 of them are one-bedroom apartments. 

“I honestly didn't know that,” Crawford said. “It's like, ‘Oh, that's like a huge demand,’ and most people don't even know that. They don't consider living there. That's something that I think most people don't realize.”

With renovations coming to these units, whether or not rent will be raised comes to mind. Crawford said there is no definitive answer on if or how much rent will be raised. Campus View two-bedroom apartments will be similar to those of other two-bedroom units around town, he said. The same will be done with the renovated one-bedroom apartments. 

Crawford said the tentative plan for the renovations is to move from one building to another, based on which building is in more need of repairs. 

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