Student Senate

After the election results were announced, the new freshmen class representatives and campus representatives were sworn in during Tuesday's Student Senate meeting.

The 100th Student Senate arrived dressed in formal wear, keeping with the theme of the week. This meeting marked the end of the freshman elections and the official swearing in of the new freshmen representatives and on-campus representatives.

The rows of chairs making up the audience were filled more than they have been all year, full of potential representatives waiting to find out if they had been elected. They waited through announcements, reports and connectivity issues faced with Senate members attending via Zoom.

The chairs making up the Senate members were more sparse than the previous week due to an outbreak of COVID-19 in a fraternity, leaving two off-campus representatives, a class representative and Secretary Garrison Kennedy unable to attend, instead all of them were present via Zoom.

After waiting for nearly 20 minutes until the end of the meeting, election results were announced. The new freshman class representatives include Abby Fisher, Kevin Crookes, Riley Steel and Haylie Cook. The new on-campus representatives include Kindyl Jones, Amaira Peterson, Meagan Moreland and Kylie Meeks.

The freshman elections took place from Sept. 12 to Sept 16, and was voted on by 1,967 students. Those running for the election campaigned for that week, as well as during the weeks prior to attempt to secure the vote and receive a place in the Senate.

While all on the ballet ran for both positions, those granted the higher votes for the freshman representative campaign were not included in the decision for the on-campus representatives; the on-Campus representatives were then decided on by highest vote without consideration to those who had won seats as freshmen representatives. 

The Freshman Representative election finished with 150 votes for Abby Fisher, making her the freshmen class president, 145 for Kevin Crooks, 121 for Riley Steele and 105 for Haylie Cook. The on-campus representative elections finished with 129 votes for Kindyl Jones, 125 for Amaira Peterson, 119 for Kylie Meeks and 106 for Meagan Moreland. 

After the announcement of being elected, the new representatives hustled to the front of the room with smiles on their faces to be sworn in. After being sworn in, the new representatives assumed their place at the Senate tables, no longer a member of the audience, but members of the 100th Student Senate.

Due to there being many new representatives, President Elizabeth Motazedi announced a retreat next week to educate new representatives. The new representatives seemed excited after being sworn in, chatting excitedly amongst each other. 

“I feel very happy about being elected because now I have a voice for not only the freshman class, but students on campus, so a wider group of people,” Jones said.

After all of the excitement of new members and inspiration, a motion was made to end the meeting. After the motion being seconded, the room filled with movement as students rushed around putting things away.

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