Randy Strong

Nodaway County Sheriff Randy Strong discusses the sheriff's office to students Oct. 14.

Northwest College Republicans invited Nodaway County Sheriff Randy Strong to teach students about the sheriff’s department and everything it does Oct. 14.

The meeting was held at 7:30 p.m. in Valk 117 in place of College Republicans’ usual meeting.

College Republican President Jasper Logan brought in Strong with the aim of educating students about the local law enforcement.

“I think they got to hear a perspective that they probably usually don’t from like a county sheriff,” Logan said. “Maybe it helped them think about issues in a different way.”

As people entered the classroom, they were provided with an informational packet about the Nodaway County Sheriff’s Office.

The meeting began with a short introduction from Logan before Strong took the stage. Strong began by introducing himself so others could have a better understanding about who runs the office.

Strong said he came to Maryville in 1974 for the same reason many students come to this quaint town: to get an education. He said he began as an art education major. Since 1979, Strong has been active in law enforcement in Maryville, where he began as a police officer for Maryville Public Safety, according to the packet, eventually getting promoted to investigator.

Strong has been sheriff since Jan. 1, 2017.

Beyond his sheriff duties, he is an active member in the community by being part of the local Sexual Assault Response Team. He also is part of the two civic groups Maryville Host Lions Club, 10 Squared Men and many more organizations.

Even though junior Blake Newland came to the event at the invitation of his roommate, Takuya Matsumoto, a senior political science major from Japan, he said he learned a lot about the sheriff’s office and the person behind it.

“I just think it’s important to know, to understand the various different roles within your community,” Blake said. “If you have a good understanding of your local area, you’ll probably end up having a bit of a better understanding of state issues.”

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