Midterm elections

US Senator

Josh Hawley - 4658

Claire McCaskill- 2709

Japheth Campbell- 105

Jo Crain- 50

Craig O’Dear- 169

State Auditor:

Saundra McDowell- 4255

Nicole Gallaway- 2852

Sean O’Toole- 148

Don Fitz- 66

Jacob Luetkemeyer- 225

US Representative Sixth District:

Sam Graves- 5,401

Henry Robert Martin- 2,048

Dan Hogan- 227

US Senator 12th District:

Dan Hageman- 5,437

Terry Richard- 2,117

State Representative First District:

Allen Andrews- 5,750

Paul Taylor-  1,875

Recorder of Deeds

Lisa Nickerson- 4,207

Sandy Smail- 3,400

Amendment 1:

Yes- 4,096

No- 3,478

Amendment 2:

Yes- 4,052

No- 3,599

Amendment 3:

Yes- 2,106

No- 5,452

Amendment 4:

Yes- 3,463

No- 3,839

Proposition B:



Proposition C:

Yes- 2,565

No- 4,924

Proposition D:

Yes- 3,577

No- 3,979

Supreme Court Judge Brent Powell:

Yes- 5,100

No- 1,738

Supreme Court Judge Mary Rhodes Russell:

Yes- 5,011

No- 1,800

Edward Ardini:

Yes- 4,912

No- 1,861

Maryville Use Tax:

Yes- 1,396

No- 1,704

Public Water Supply District Number One of Nodaway County:

Yes- 2,208

No- 1,113

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