Student Senate voted on appropriations, Facebook Live and confirming the appointment of a sergeant at arms.

The executive board requested $900 from Senate to fund the Cut Loose event Nov. 9, where Northwest and Maryville community members can donate their hair and money to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The money will be used to purchase T-shirts and roses for hair donors, as well as cover the cost of shipping hair donations.

The appropriation passed in a unanimous vote. Senior Liz Conard represented the group at the meeting and was surprised by the outcome.

“I am thrilled,” Conard said. “I was hoping, but I didn’t expect to get the full amount. I’m just really excited that we can provide these shirts and roses to people who are doing such a selfless act, and I’m very grateful.”

Conard said 11 people have already committed to donating their hair, but she hopes even more sign up because the event is the first of its kind at Northwest and it’s all for charity.

“I think that it’s going to be really motivational for the entire Northwest and Maryville community,” Conard said. “It will raise awareness for cancer in general, provide those wigs for those who do go through chemotherapy and also raise money for children with cancer, and honestly, what better cause to support.”

Senate has livestreamed all of its meetings so far this semester with Facebook Live, but has stopped the streams when the floor is open for discussion on appropriations and elections.

When discussing appropriations or elections, representatives of the organization requesting the appropriation or the candidates for the open position are asked to leave the room and the doors are closed.

However, some Senate members said it might be beneficial to the student body to keep the stream going and let viewers in on the discussion, even if they can’t physically make it to the meeting.

After discussing the issue, Senate voted in favor of keeping the livestream running during discussions with 30 voting in favor and six abstaining.

Junior Taylor Moore was appointed to fill the vacant sergeant at arms position by the Executive Cabinet and confirmed by the Senate in an unanimous vote.

According to the Senate constitution, the sergeant at arms is responsible for sealing the chambers, maintaining order at Student Senate meetings when requested to do so by the presiding officer and serving as page (messenger) during meetings.

Moore previously ran for junior class representative and off-campus representative but was not elected to either position.

Moore said her biggest disadvantage was being unknown to Senate; in both elections she lost to a previous or existing Senate member.

While discussing her appointment, multiple Senate members commended Moore on her persistence in becoming a part of Senate.

“I’ve always been really busy, so I never could get involved, but I am no longer a cheerleader, so I have a lot more free time,” Moore said. “I’ve always really liked Senate, and Colton Downing has really pushed me and nominated me for all the positions I ran for, and I just don’t give up.”

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