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With Missouri voters passing two new laws since the last city council meeting took place, members spent Tuesday addressing those changes and its future impact on the community.

Missouri saw Amendment 2, a medical marijuana initiative, and Proposition B, a minimum wage increase of $4 over five years, both pass.

Despite government workers being exempt from the minimum wage increase, with certain cities raising pay rates, the city of Maryville will be challenged to attract quality candidates and fill those positions if it isn’t raised, according to City Manager Greg McDanel.

Maryville employs 146 active part-time employees, many of them receiving minimum wage.

Raising the rate to the eventual $12 would mean a 53 percent expense increase.

“There will be a financial impact from that,” McDanel said.

With the passage of Missouri’s first medical marijuana law, cities and municipalities will also have to create new laws and regulations to dictate exactly who and how it can be used.

“Municipalities are going to have to reach out to our friends in Colorado and around the nation to determine how this will impact existing personnel policies for the city, obviously with law enforcement,” McDanel said.

Peach Creek strikes again

Just when it seemed like the Peach Creek chronicle had concluded, missing language in a construction contract that was approved at the last meeting prevented the city from moving forward.

“We inadvertently left off the ordinance for the engineering services in this,” McDanel said. “The permit does require professional engineering services and professional project management.”

The $66,000 structure is expected to be constructed by local contractor White Cloud Engineering.

“The grade control structure stabilizes stream channel and prevents head cutting and further erosion,” McDanel said.

Construction of the project was the result of an agreement with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers after Maryville was fined for improper work on the creek in 2015.

City approves new concrete repair project

Following nearly $280,000 and nine miles worth of concrete repairs early this year and with $23,000 still left on contract, the council approved a change order for new repair work on Aurora Avenue.

“Staff recommends a repair of 8,512 feet of pavement along Aurora Avenue,” McDanel said.

J.D. Bishop Construction quoted the project at $51,923.20.

Also a part of the construction project is a new concrete path that would go to the sidewalk stage of the conference center at Mozingo Lake.

Council member pays tribute to former firefighter and Northwest official

With the passing of former Northwest Facilities Director and volunteer firefighter John Redden on Monday, council member Matt Johnson gave a heartfelt speech in his honor.

“He lived a life of service and sacrifice that all volunteer firefighters ought to aspire to,” Johnson said. “John Redden embodied all that is good and honorable about the fire service in the United States.”

City purchases large maintenance machine

A Takeuchi TLSCRW track loader for the Public Works’ Water/Sewer Maintenance Division was purchased after the city’s track loader was experiencing reliability and maintenance issues.

“The water, sewer maintenance division of Public Works uses a loader for various projects - water leaks, maintenance of our systems throughout the community,” McDanel said.

The loader is capable of doing 600 hours of work per year.

The city has $12,473 budgeted for first-year payments; online prices have the machine listed in the $40,000 to $45,000 range.

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