Residential Life and University Wellness Services are collaborating more closely this year, working to develop students coping skills by getting them involved in campus activities.

Assistant Director of Wellness Services Judy Frueh said Residential Life and Wellness Services have always worked together, but now Wellness Services has a calendar of planned workshops which they have shared with Residential Life staff.

Wellness Services offers 14 different workshops, dedicated to improving the well-being of students.

“We’re hoping people are just able to cope better, they’re connecting with other people better and they’re being more successful at Northwest,” Frueh said.

Frueh said Wellness Services is also hoping to get more connected with the residential assistants so that they can bring in more students to the workshops.

“We’re also trying to promote our workshops through Residential Life,” Frueh said. “The RAs, hopefully, they will steer students that may be struggling or maybe roommate issues or any of that to our classes as well as encourage as a whole to go to a session together.”

South Complex Hall Director Jacob Wood said these workshops support Residential Life’s focus this year which is they are not the educators, they are the bridge to get students to the educators.

Wood said the workshops will also save the student staff members work. The residential assistants and BRIDGEs (Building Relationships and Integrating Diverse Growth Experiences) have a minimum number of programming events to complete each month.

“Our student staff members are overworked as it is, this is just an option so they don’t have to come up with a program, they don't have to be an expert in that area,” Wood said. “They can take their students over to that program, they’re filling that program requirement as well as having their students learn at the same time.”

Several clinic staff members have stepped up to lead the new workshops, there will be at least one a day. Frueh will be leading the Monday Mile workshop.

“It is going to be a challenge with our schedules but I’m really pleased that we’re all working together, hopefully, it’s not too much on one person,” Frueh said.

Frueh said Wellness Services has worked to create a workshop for every student.

“We would like for everybody to come out and see and try the workshops and see what they think,” Frueh said. “It’s not a lecture, it’s not death by powerpoint, it’s more fun and interactive and hopefully learning some nuggets along the way that will help the students be more successful.”

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