Greg McDanel

Maryville City Manager Greg McDanel tracks results from the April 2 elections at the Nodaway County Administration Center.  

According to unofficial results, Maryville voters approved the use tax April 2.

The use tax will place 2.375% sales tax on any online out-of-state purchases. The tax originally appeared on the November 2018 ballot and was rejected by voters.

City Manager Greg McDanel introduced and pushed for the use tax to pass this time around.

McDanel said he and the city are elated that voters passed the use tax as it is a growing problem he believed needed to be addressed.

“This was an issue that wasn’t going away for the city of Maryville as online sales continue to increase,” McDanel said.

McDanel said he wanted to acknowledge everyone who has worked with him to get the use tax back on the ballot and those who allowed it to pass.

“We want to thank first the voters for taking the time since November to learn a little bit more about the issue and how it impacts the community,” McDanel said. “We want to thank the various partners we’ve had through this process from the Chamber of Commerce to Northwest Missouri State University’s public relations class to just various people who have seen the importance of this issue too.”

McDanel said the use tax will go into effect July 1.

“When that does (go into effect), we will start tracking those revenues and see how close those revenues come to projections, and we will take that into account for the next budget season,” McDanel said.

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