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South Main construction continues during the harsh winter. Phase I of the project is to trench utility lines. One of the major features of the project is underground electric lines. 

As Maryville pushes further into winter, people driving down South Main Street may see halted construction on the South Main Corridor Improvement Project. 

Because the project is 18 months long, it was bound to hit the winter season regardless of the start time. City Manager Greg McDanel said the city has been fortunate to have had a warm winter so far, allowing construction to progress with minimal weather delays. Temperatures allowed the contractor to complete a significant portion of the storm sewer and waterline.

McDanel said the days when construction has to be stopped due to weather conditions will not be held against the contractor and are already budgeted into the contract that was agreed upon when construction was first approved. 

The project received its funding at the Sept. 7, 2021, City Council meeting and started Phase I of construction Oct. 11. The first phase of the project is expected to be completed in 18 months and will include improvements from South Avenue to the north entrance of Walmart. 

Phase I of the project is to trench utility lines. One of the major features of the project is underground electric lines. Though the harsh winter weather is approaching, McDanel said there is still work that can be done during the winter, just as long as the weather isn’t in the low 20’s or teens. 

McDanel said the City of Maryville works with the contractor, VF Anderson Builders LLC, to look at the upcoming temperatures to determine whether or not it will be safe for workers to be out.  

Cold stress and wind chill effect are some of the main factors that put workers at risk, according to the U.S. Department of Labor and Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Cold stress is when the temperature of the skin is driven down, which ultimately leads to a lower internal body temperature. To keep workers safe against cold stress, employers monitor weather and worker conditions. 

Another main issue when working in a traffic zone during winter weather conditions is drivers skidding along roads with ice or snow. To avoid accidents related to winter weather, sites are encouraged to identify construction zones with cones, barrels, barriers and signs to protect the workers. 

So far, there has only been one day where construction was halted due to weather conditions. Though there will be days where temperatures will be too low or there will be too much snow on the ground, there is no worry about the completion date of the project being affected. 

“This is a community transformational project that's going to impact this corridor for the next 50 years,” McDanel said. “So we're excited to get it done and appreciate the public's patience and getting there with us.” 

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