Third street repairs

Third Street from Dewey to Vine is closed until necessary repairs can be made by Public Works and Water Maintenance crews. A 12-inch water line leak damaged the subsurface and structure of the road.

East Third Street in Maryville is closed from Vine to Dewey as the city begins to make repairs from a water line break that destroyed the popular stretch of road.

Third Street near the Maryville Public Safety Building and Eugene Field Elementary is temporarily closed after a water line ruptured and damaged the sub-surface of the road. Repairs should take two weeks, but inclement weather has delayed action by Public Works.

City Manager Greg McDanel posted on social media about the issue Sept. 24, where he thanked the public for patience on the slow-moving process.

“E. Third St. Has been closed for several weeks due to 12” waterline leak,” McDanel said on Twitter. “Volume & pressure created significant damage and voids under this brick base street. Staff to begin repairs estimated at $120k next week.”

Public Works Director C.E. Goodall explained specific damages the street incurred. He said the crew aims to fix the problem before the colder months of the year prevent proper treatment.

“The subsurface of Third Street is brick and sand,” Goodall said. “When the line broke, it washed out the sand, which is how you get that ripple effect in the road.”

According to Goodall, Public Works will tear out the entire section of road from Vine to Dewey and place a new slate of 6-inch asphalt over the brick sublay. They will replace the washed-out sand that created the large void in the subsurface. All the repairs are estimated at a total cost of $120,000, per the city’s statements on social media.

The line break comes near cold winter months, which last year damaged Maryville’s roads significantly due to constant freezing and thawing.

The city’s roads had an allocated $50,000 for repairs in last years budget, which went toward patching potholes and cracks as well as replacing stretches of asphalt and pavement.

Eric Lance, water and sewer maintenance superintendent, discovered the water line break on Third Street. Goodall and public works will work with water and sewer maintenance to amend the problem and access plans going forward.

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