Freshmen Kat Starks and Ashley Middleton pose with chickens at the SAC petting zoo Aug. 21. The event was held to lighten the mood during the first week of classes.

Northwest’s Student Activities Council plans on adding events to the University’s calendar through the rest of the semester. None of those events will consist of the organization’s annual concert, which has brought artists such as Bazzi and Blackbear to campus in recent years.

In past years, one of SAC’s bigger events is the annual concert. SAC’s musical events have hosted many types of artists in the past, including local artists. However, the annual concert for 2021 is canceled due to safety reasons concerning COVID-19.

“Because of COVID mitigations and just how everything is, we did find it better to just cancel it for this semester,” said Brady Netzel, the organization’s president. “It’s better for the students and keeping the community safe.”

Netzel said he thinks it would be impossible to keep everyone safe with such a big event like a concert. He said that depending on Northwest’s policies, the plan is to host a concert next spring.

Despite the concert not happening this semester, SAC still has the budget to hold one this year.

Netzel said what is nice about SAC’s budget is that it rolls over from year-to-year.

“All that money pools together, so we can look into bigger names and bigger artists,” Netzel said.

Netzel noted he doesn’t have any names off the top of his head because SAC has not discussed it yet, but that a “bigger” name is the plan for future concerts.

“Whether or not that happens, I don’t know yet, but that’s the goal,” Netzel said.

Throughout January and February, SAC may have seemed quiet when it came to the activities it hosted. SAC was slow to start the semester due to weather conditions and with attempting to stay within campus mitigation rules. However, things are set to pick up in March.

SAC’s Director of Marketing and Promotions Kate Turnage said the plan going forward is to still follow Northwest’s COVID-19 policies but to have events for the students.

“We, as any other organization on campus, are being mindful of COVID mitigations, so unfortunately, we have been more delayed in our events that we would normally hold at this time in the semester,” Turnage said in an email to The Missourian.

The first major activity it will host is the “Late Night at the Rec” event March 11, where SAC pairs with the Northwest Campus Recreation staff to host activities.

Netzel said that for a SAC Presents session, the group will feature speaker John Dau, a Sudaneese human rights activist who was featured in the 2006 documentary “God Grew Tired of Us.” Dau wrote a book chronicling the experiences of young refugees moving to the United States.

Netzel said SAC plans on having a Grocery Bingo April 1. He said that SAC plans on hosting events during Northwest Week, which will be between April 12 and April 16.

Netzel and Turnage said the plan is to hold the events that SAC has planned in person.

“That will probably be our last big push for an event,” Netzel said.

He noted that in between those times, there will probably be “pop-up events” as well.

“That way, it kind of helps give more events for the students,” Netzel said.

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