8 Point Grill opens on Main Street

Stephanie and Bert Tate enjoy lunch as first-timers at Maryville’s newest restaurant, 8 Point Grill that opened earlier this month on Main Street.

The city of Maryville has welcomed a new homestyle restaurant to town.

The new restaurant, 8 Point Grill, specializes in fresh, made in-house food and is owned by Maryville native Mike Beattie.

Beattie said part of his inspiration to open a restaurant came from his father.

“My dad owned two restaurants in town, Starvin' Marvin's Five Mile Corner and then before that, the Little Shift,” Beattie said. “Growing up, he was always into cooking and doing stuff like that.”

The other driving force to open a restaurant Beattie said came from his love of cooking.

“My first job was at Golden Corral here in town and I'm from here so really, it just became me just loving to do it and making all kinds of different foods for my friends, for parties and everything,” Beattie said. “Then eventually it became people telling me you need to open a restaurant because the food is good. So, I decided to put everything together and make it happen.”

The restaurant opened last weekend. Beattie said they are off to a slow start but anticipates things will take off soon.

“It's a little slow because of the advertisement right now, but we're getting used to things around here too,” Beattie said. “We're getting the new staff trained and finding out who's going to stay and all that sort of thing. Once we get all that worked out, I figure in about a month we could have everything to the point where it rolls pretty smooth.”

Beattie said their current wait times are a little longer than normal but worth it because everything is made to order.

“Our wait times are a little longer than your normal sit down restaurant, just due to the fact that we cook everything fresh with fresh food,” Beattie said. “We don't have anything in the freezer. We don't have a microwave; we don't have food warmers back there. Everything gets cooked fresh to order. So even like hash browns, they come straight off the potato onto the grill.”

The plan for the restaurant is to have a changing menu Beattie said, in hopes of appealling to a wider audience.

“I hope they liked the fact that we're going to switch up food every week too because Maryville doesn't have a whole lot of different kinds of variety, so we want to bring that different variety,” Beattie said. “Whether it'd be barbecue or could be pasta week or something to that effect, you know, whatever people are wanting the most for the following week.”

Beattie said the restaurant is meant to be a homely environment where people can come together.

“It's a kind of a homestyle type of restaurant we're trying to do here,” Beattie said. “(We want) people to come in here and enjoy the food and be happy. To just talk and put their cell phones down.”

8 Point Grill is located at 523 N. Main St. 

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