Sophomore Emily Rose picks up her DoorDash order from the front desk. Maryville residents now have access to 7 restaurants through the DoorDash app.  

The future of Maryville food delivery service was recently extended beyond the usual pizza and sub restaurants. DoorDash has come to town during a wave of companies starting delivery service nationwide. 

Northwest students said they are thrilled to have a delivery service like DoorDash available for convenience. Now that the company is hiring drivers in Maryville, students may also find DoorDash as a way to make some extra cash.

DoorDash is currently available in more than 850 cities across the United States. Maryville, now adding to this list, has delivery access to seven restaurants at the touch of the fingertips. 

DoorDash is a technology company that facilitates the concept of door-to-door deliveries. The company originally started in 2013 as a business called Palo Alto Delivery. By keeping merchants and the delivery drivers, or Dashers, a top priority, the service’s CEO and two co-founders became billionaires overnight.

Northwest junior Jackson Lohman said that this service is a perfect fit for a town full of busy college students.

“College students typically are a little more lazy; they don’t want to go get food all the time,” Lohman said, explaining the reason he believed DoorDash came to Maryville.

Lohman said he recently became a Dasher for the delivery service. He completed his first two deliveries Jan. 27, noting that it was a good first experience and “really simple.”

“It’s been really good,” Lohman said about his experience working for DoorDash. “I like how the app functions; it's really easy to use. It’s good for a quick, you know, buck.”

Lohman said that he applied to DoorDash after hearing from a friend that the service had arrived in Maryville. He enjoys working for the business because of how flexible the job is with his schedule.

Burger King, McDonalds, Joy Wok, Hy-Vee Mealtime, Pizza Ranch, Jimmy John’s and Subway are all available for delivery via DoorDash in Maryville.

Northwest senior Lexi Weber is an employee at Subway and commented on how busy the store has been with online orders since DoorDash was brought to their location. She recalls returning from her vacation over winter break to find that the sandwich shop had added the delivery service.

“Half the sandwiches we make we don’t have to be face-to-face with anyone,” Weber said. “We just make it without having to talk to someone.”

Weber noticed that the foot traffic had decreased in the store, making her feel more comfortable knowing DoorDash could potentially help reduce her risk of exposure to COVID-19. She said that the majority of the orders Subway receives are now placed through an online service. 

According to DoorDash’s website, the company is committed to the health and safety of the Dashers and the community. The new default setting on the website and the app is the no-contact delivery, meaning that the Dashers will leave a customer’s order at the door and will send them an alert when the order arrives.

When receiving a DoorDash order, the shop’s computer will alert the employees that someone placed an online order. An employee will click on the order on the screen, and the computer prints out a receipt including everything on that order. During a normal shift, Weber said she completes around 15 orders from DoorDash alone.

“Finally, about time it came to Maryville, Missouri,” Senior Sneha Ojha said, expressing her relief that DoorDash became available in town.

Ojha remembers first hearing about the delivery service coming to town Jan. 18 and almost immediately ordering food from the app. She already had the app downloaded from when she ordered food back home in New York City. She said that in New York, delivery typically takes anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour until the food arrives at her door. After ordering DoorDash twice in Maryville, she found that it only takes 15 to 20 minutes to receive her delivery.

“I do not know how to drive; I don’t have a car. For someone like me, this is so great,” Ojha said. “I don’t have to ask my roommate to take me to McDonald’s if I want McDonald’s. So, this is cool, this is — I love this app.”

Ojha said that this app is also extremely convenient when she doesn’t have the time to cook or is in a hurry. She said she hopes that her favorite restaurant in Maryville, A&G, will consider adding the DoorDash service to their business.

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