Hughes Fieldhouse agreement with Maryville City Council

Northwest Vice President of Student Affairs Matt Baker discusses details about the new field house with members of city council at their biweekly meeting Monday, Oct. 7.

Maryville City Council concluded Monday with approvals for a number of contracts and agreements for key projects.

Leading the charge was the Hughes Fieldhouse, a $21 million project fours years in the making.

Northwest Vice President of Student Affairs Matt Baker was in attendance at Monday’s meeting and spoke about the groundbreaking agreement forged between the city and University.

“This is the largest public-private partnership that Northwest has been a part of in our 113-year history,” Baker said. “This is a great partnership and we’re excited to have it.”

Much of the discussion involved addressing the city and University’s partnership and each of its roles in utilizing the fieldhouse as part of the agreement.

The city will use the fieldhouse to enhance athletic tourism and economic development offerings, improve the local economy and hold shows.

“It does outline the process for the city to schedule events on the master calendar,” City Manager Greg McDanel said. “There will be no fixed cost for those events with basic services.”

Baker said after looking at the state of higher education in the U.S., partnerships between institutions and local communities are critical.

As part of the agreement, Maryville residents will be able to use the fieldhouse track if a membership has been purchased at either the University fitness center or the Maryville Parks and Recreation department.

“Our anticipation is (to be open) from six a.m. till noon, maybe it’s one, on weekdays and then weekends will be a little bit different,” Baker said.

With the help of a voter-approved tax on nightly hotel stays, the city will be able to contribute significant funding to the fieldhouse moving forward, nearly $150,000 a year and $3.45 million over 23 years.

City renews partnership with Nodaway County Economic Development

The council unanimously approved a renewal with the non-profit organization Nodaway County Economic Development, who the city has partnered with for numerous projects.

“Most recently Kawasaki Manufacturing expansions, Maryville Carbon Solutions, financing restaurant equipment for the conference center,” McDanel said.

This year the NCED received a slight bump in funding from the city, approximately $2,000.

Executive Director Josh McKim praised the relationship between the NCED and the council.

“I’ve been to a lot of places and not had that in the past,” McKim said. “So it’s refreshing and I appreciate your guy’s leadership.”

City takes steps to repair waterline

Council members also approved a contract with Blue Springs Winwater Company for the purchase of materials for the South Mattie waterline replacement project.

“We’ve had numerous water leaks in this area over the past two years including the last one in July,” McDanel said. “It has been the source of maybe four or five leaks over the past few years.”

He said past repairs have only resulted in more leaks springing in other areas of the line.

McDanel anticipates construction crews with Blue Springs Winwater will begin work soon, with the hope of completing the project before winter.

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