Student Senate voted on appropriations, recognized two new student organizations, and swore in an inclusion representative during their meeting Tuesday.

Senate appropriated $675 to the Student Missouri State Teachers Association for 20 members to attend the Missouri State Teachers Association Convention Nov. 7-9.

SMSTA President junior Emma Morris said the convention is an opportunity for students to learn from a diverse group of education professionals as well as represent Northwest’s teacher education program at the state level.

Senate voted to recognize Criminology Club as a new student organization. Criminology Club differs from Criminal Justice Club in that it focuses on the science and psychology of crime and criminals rather than the legal process.

“We have the fundamental belief to advance our knowledge and technical skills in the career field,” Brandon Marks said. “Anyone can join. We’ll discuss topics that we just touched on in our classes, so we’ll discuss that and also bring in speakers to talk more in-depth about topics that they’re seeing more on their side in the professional field.”

Senate also voted to recognize Fighting Game Club as a student organization. Fighting Game Club focuses on improving skill level at fighting games, especially those that are played competitively.

FGC President Collin Siebert said the group differs from Northwest Games Club because of its competitive nature and video-game focus. He said the group hopes esports become an intramural-type sport at Northwest and compete at esport competitions.

“The biggest difference is most people play video games as a pastime, but as the years have gone on, esports have gotten really big,” FGC Vice President C’Antae Kaid said. “The League of Legends community involves millions of dollars, and there’s teams from all over the world.”

Kaid said he hopes members of the group can compete at tournaments and win cash prizes.

Senate swore in Inclusion Representative senior Sasha Quarles. Quarles is a psychology major with a minor in child and family studies, is a bridge in South Complex, a member of Spiritually Involved Sisters Together Achieving Harmony and was previously an associate member working with the inclusion and organizational affairs committees.

Quarles said she wanted to get involved in Senate when the inclusion representative positions were created.

“This is actually something that I wanted to do last year when the bylaws were going through, and I purposefully gave up a lot of other positions because it was something that I was passionate about,” Quarles said.

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