For the first time in Northwest’s history, the Student Activities Council is hosting a music festival, Vibin’ in the ‘Ville, featuring several local artists, a beer garden, food trucks and vendor and art tents.

R&B-influenced pop singer and songwriter, Bazzi, will headline Vibin’ in the ‘Ville Saturday, Oct. 20.

SAC Concert Director junior Emily Elliott, along with the concert committee, planned and organized this event with the intent to please as many students as possible.

“I’m just trying to make everybody happy in this and bring in every genre,” Elliott said. “Diversity is what I need. That’s what I’m bringing in to this campus, that’s what I’m promoting. There’s going to be different types of students all together in one place, all enjoying themselves because it’s a music festival.”

The music festival will be at the Raymond J. Courter Pavillion starting at 3 p.m. The lineup is The Rewind, Esai, Outlaw Creek, Andrew Dexter, J. Rich and A Greater Tomorrow. Each artist will have a 30-minute set.

SAC is funded by the student activities fee of $3 per credit hour. SAC Advisor Dee Dino said they want students to feel like they are getting the most out of the activity fee; she believes Vibin’ in the ‘Ville will do just that.

“We can't please everybody all of the time, but we can provide an amazing array of things to go see and do,” Dino said. “I think this concert hits a lot of the must-haves that we’ve never tried before.”

SAC’s budget for Vibin’ in the ‘Ville is $100,000. Elliott is choosing to use $80,000.

Elliott said she hopes to make $20,000 profit off the concert, which will result in $40,000 left in the concert budget - enough for a spring concert. SAC has not had a spring concert since March 2016; it has not had the funds to do so.

Elliott is also planning on budgeting money for local artists at other SAC events.

“If I can sell 2,000 tickets, I will be able to make $20,000 easily,” Elliott said. “Last year at Chase Rice, there was 1,700 tickets sold. If I sell 300 more, I have reached my $20,000 mark. I think I can do it; I’m very adamant on reaching that goal.”

The outdoor music festival is being executed in under $5,000. The only paid entity of the music festival is the local artists and production.

“You’d think that it would be a lot more money than just that,” Elliott said. “I’m wondering why we’ve never done this in the past. I think it’s because there hasn’t been a motive to do something like this, so there wasn't any research involved in how to make it happen. It’s actually really cheap; it’s so much cheaper than the indoor concert.”

SAC sent out a concert survey last semester to get feedback from the Chase Rice concert and to ask who/what genre students wanted for the fall concert. Pop was the top choice, second was R&B, third was rap and country came in fourth.

Elliott was able to narrow down who would perform as the headliner based on the survey results.

“I noticed that Bazzi was on the rise, that was back in January,” Elliott said. “This was also the same time where the Mine video came out with the dog that barked, it was all over Twitter. I was like, this is trending and it’s Bazzi, I’ve been studying this guy on Spotify. That’s when I took the initiative and booked Bazzi.”

Elliott said her personal goal of staying under $80,000 for the concert is taking a lot of strategic planning. She was able to book Bazzi early on for $40,000; she said he has almost doubled in price now.

Dino said SAC has hosted big-name entertainers before, costing the majority of the concert budget.

“Our concert director is really responsible and thinking ahead,” Dino said. “She’s trying to get the biggest bang for your student activity fee buck and not spending as much as we have spent on concerts in the past for one entertainer. Now we’re getting two events out of it.”

The doors to Bearcat Arena will open at 7 p.m., the concert will begin at 8 p.m.

Tickets are on sale now for students and employees for $10. Tickets will be on sale to the public Sept. 14 for $20. Tickets purchased on the day of show will be an additional $5. The music festival portion is free.

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