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Two significant projects will take shape in Maryville during fiscal year 2020, affecting city-wide traffic flow, local businesses, local consumers and the city budget.

The South Main Improvement Project will begin to take shape July 2020, and the new Public Safety building is already undergoing groundwork with its land site grading complete and the expectation of building materials to arrive in five weeks.

The South Main Improvement Project is expected to take at least three years for construction, creating a temporary hinderance on local businesses and citizens who frequent the popular corridor.

The council and community leaders will participate in strategy meetings in relation to specific plans for traffic during the project and communicate with businesses located on South Main. They will release more information when details are finalised. 

City Manager Greg McDanel said the large focus of the FY ‘20 budget is on the costly capital improvement projects.

“About $12 million will go toward the South Main project and another $4 million is budgeted for the completion of the new public safety building,” McDanel said. “Those are the two main focuses of this 2020 budget.”

Mayor Rachael Martin noted not only how the budget will be affected by next year’s expansive projects, but how each will require numerous resources and a significant amount of time and planning by city staff.

“Around 60% of our city’s businesses are located on the South Main corridor,” Martin said. “This is going to require a lot of communication from us to business owners in the planning process. We want it all to run smoothly.”

During its Aug. 26 meeting, the council met early for planning related to the FY ‘20 budget. They reviewed property tax rates issued by the state and considered organization funding requests while taking into account necessary funds for the city’s larger projects.

Property tax rates in Maryville will remain at the same rates from the last fiscal year, as the general fund will receive 36.5 cents per tax dollar, the public library 28.52 cents and parks and recreation 40.85 cents, totaling $1.0587.

The council approved the debt retirement obligation bonds for the Maryville Community Center at 7.82 cents per tax dollar, a rate 0.66 cents cheaper than the previous year. 

As the property tax rates remain the same across the board and the debt retirement down from last year, the city looks to improve on its overall growth in revenue. 

Last fiscal year, the assessed valuation for the city increased by $4.5 million with the personal property category seeing an 8.5% jump. 

The council noted that while the state issued no change in authorized property tax levies, the valuation jump will allow the general fund, public library and parks and recreation to all see a minimal increase in fundings.

At its Aug. 26 meeting, the council heard Treasurer Gentry Martin and Executive Director Lily White from the Greater Maryville Chamber of Commerce.

The GMCC requested for a total of $2,500 for project funding in FY ‘20, with $1,000 requested for the Leadership Maryville Program and $1,500 requested for the Great Northwest Day. Great Northwest Day is an event that allows Northwest Missouri communities to collaborate and unify the region’s image in the state capitol, pushing for legislation beneficial to Northwest Missouri.

Martin thanked the GMCC for their information and said its requests would be considered during further development of the FY ‘20 budget.

Other business during the meeting consisted of an approval to hold the Northwest homecoming parade, approval of the Meyer Auto Center annual car show and adoption of the official logo for Maryville tourism, presented by the Maryville Tourism Committee. 

The council will meet for further planning and finalisation of the budget throughout the week of Sept. 1. 

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