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Student Senate discusses feedback on new student organization event registration form

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Northwest Student Senate discussed feedback on a new event registration form at its Nov. 16 meeting. 

Implementing this form would require all student organizations to register any event they wanted to host, which is currently only required for Greek Life events. This form would need to be filled out for both on and off-campus events by anyone aged 18 and over. 

Senior Class President Brady Fritts raised the first concern about the proposal, challenging the idea that the organization should be responsible for the actions of a member. 

This part of the proposal said every member or officer has to discourage activity that would break organizational policy, the law or University policy, and organizations would be held accountable for the actions of a member that breaks any of those rules. 

“Holding the student organization as a whole for individually-based acts outside of the University I think is a bit extreme,” Fritts said. “That student organization should be discouraging the behavior, which I do agree with. However, I don’t agree that the actions of one person should take down the entire organization.”

Senior Class Representative Ryan Shurvington questioned what the consequences were if organizations did not fill this out, and he asked how this would be enforced. 

“A lot of small organizations aren’t going to take the time to fill this out for every event they do,” Shurvington said. “I know I’m a part of organizations that won’t fill it out. Not because they don’t want to, but because they won’t remember.” 

Later in the meeting, Shurvington also mentioned that if the repercussions of not registering an event was to discontinue the organization, it could impact Northwest admissions. 

He said one of the selling points of coming to Northwest is that there are comparatively a lot of student organizations for the size of the campus. If neglecting to register an event could potentially lower the amount of student organizations, this form could create a problem.

On the same side of the debate, Internal Relations Chair Liz Motazedi said she gets organizations that come to her committee who frequently don’t fill out forms and that adding another form would cause difficulty and confusion for organizations. 

Senior Class Representative Joseph Etheridge also said that making sure the organizations fill out the form could become an issue due to lack of response about the new policy if the Office of Student Involvement were to put it in place. 

In favor of requiring the new form, Junior Class President Sydney Looney works in the Office of Student Involvement and said this would be a good way to promote events. 

“Students who are looking to get involved can click on a calendar and see all of the events coming up,” Looney said. “So it really only benefits organizations.” 

Looney addressed the idea that it may be hard to get organizations to follow the policy by saying that organizations are required to go through training every year, so filling out this form could be added to the other information they learn in the training. 

Looney also said this was a way for the University to monitor organizations to make sure their events are safe. 

Treasurer Jenna Lee-Johnson added to that idea and said that when they talked to Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs Kori Hoffmann about the form, it was more for risk management. If an organization has an unregistered event that the University doesn’t know about and someone gets hurt, that could be a liability for the University. 

All of Student Senate’s feedback and questions about the enforcement of the policy will be relayed back to Kori Hoffmann and the Office of Student Involvement before a final decision is made on implementing the new event registration form. 

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