Basement flooding in Fine Arts

Due to heavy rain fall and a student pouring chemicals down a sink drain the basement of Olive DeLuce Fine Arts Building flooded Oct. 10. 

Due to several days of heavy rainfall, multiple buildings on campus have experienced water leaking into buildings or flooding.

Leaks in the Hughes Fieldhouse have been reported, according to Facility Services Director Allen Mays, but the leaks have not interrupted classes. The grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony is still continuing as planned Oct. 12.

“We have a few small leaks in the building that are being rectified by the contractor,” Mays said. “These are construction related issues.”

Some students arrived for classes in the basement of the Olive DeLuce Fine Arts Building Wednesday to find flooding in the studio spaces.

Fine Arts Department Chair Kathryn Strickland and senior Sophie Venus said the flooding was caused by chemicals being poured down a drain and clogging it.

“Someone poured oil and mineral spirits down the drain earlier this week, and I think that’s why it flooded,” Venus said. “It wasn’t draining properly after that.”

Venus said the flooding did not interfere with classes, but it was not the only water-related issue in the past week.

“There has actually been mild leaking around the basement, only in a couple spots, and they’re just puddles really,” Venus said.

Mays said the leaks and flooding are being dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

“This is an unusual amount of rain which will have an effect on building and sites differently,” Mays said. “Facilities is acting on all issues that are self-identified and/or reported as they are reported.”

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