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Many students struggle to pay for college, Northwest, however, tries to help by offering over 400 scholarships.

From Sept. 1 to Feb. 1, Northwest’s Standard Scholarship Application is open to students. The application is for major-specific scholarships, and not for admission-based scholarships. Students receive over $18 million in scholarships and grants annually according to the Northwest website.

Northwest also offers in-state tuition for out-of-state freshman and transfer students through the Bearcat Advantage and Green and White Advantage scholarships. These scholarships are offered to out-of-state students based on current GPA and ACT scores. The Bearcat Advantage awards $6,000 and the Green and White Advantage offers $3,326.

Fifty Northwest students were surveyed at random about the Standard Scholarship Application. Out of the 50 students, 32 of them said they fill out the Standard Scholarship Application every year. Eighteen students said they did not complete the Standard Scholarship Application.

Junior Stephanie Andrews received the Bearcat Advantage and Adopt-a-Bearcat scholarships.

“I would not be able to afford to go here if it was not for them,” Andrews said. “I am an out-of-state student, so going here to Northwest would be much more expensive than going back home.”

Andrews said the scholarships assisted in her personal situation at home.

“I have two siblings who are in college,” Andrews said. “So paying for three college kids is really hard on my family. It is good for students who do not fall into gifted or high needs.”

Andrews said the process for filling out the general scholarship application was fairly easy.

“Most of it was just kind of click through and fill it out to the best of your ability,” Andrews said. “Then they gave you a list of all the scholarships that were available at that time, and you clicked on the ones that you felt applied to you most.”

One scholarship the University offers is the Family of the Year Award. The Family of the Year Award is given to one student every year. This student is supposed to be the best representation of the ‘Bearcat family’ and involvement with the school. The recipient of the scholarship is announced during the Family Weekend football game every year.

Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Gifts Bob Machovsky said the scholarship is important to Northwest.

“We always say the ‘Bearcat family,’ but there is actually a lot of truth to that,” Machovsky said. “(Many) students who go here have family members that have gone before them; that’s something that makes Northwest very special.”

Machovsky also said the purpose of the Family of the Year scholarship was to show dedication to Northwest.

“This award has been going on for years now,” Machovsky said. “This award allows for us to highlight a family who has a family lineage that has gone here for a while or doing great things for Northwest.”

On the topic of families, Machovsky said the scholarship is announced during the Family Weekend football game for specific reasons.

“The theme of the week is all about family,” Machovsky said. “We want other families, we want our alumni, we want the University and community as a whole to see the types of people who really love this place and what they look like.”

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