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The Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programs has reaccredited the Melvin and Valorie Booth School of Business at Northwest.

The standards of the Melvin D. & Valorie G. Booth School of Business are leadership, strategic planning, student and stakeholder focus, measurement and analysis of student learning and performance, faculty and staff focus, and educational and business process management.

To remain accredited is the responsibility of the faculty and the measurement analysis. Faculty must access the outcomes of the students. The accreditation is designed to ensure that the school of business is beneficial to students.

Northwest started to seek accreditation with ACBSP. The Booth School of Business was first accredited in 1991 and has been accredited ever since. This is the third affirmation Northwest has received.

According to the Director of the School of Business Stephen Ludwig, there are requirements and guidelines needed to maintain accreditation with ACBSP along with a self-study. Northwest’s business faculty ensures that the University meets the requirements and standards it needs to remain accredited.

“Every two years we go through a process of completing a quality assurance report,” Ludwig said. “We send that information to our accrediting body, and it makes sure that on a continual basis, we’re monitoring and making sure we are continuing to meet those standards.”

Ludwig, along with associate professor of economics and finance Casey Abington, Assistant Director of the School of Business Ben Blackford, professor of management Chi Lo Lim and associate professor of marketing Deborah Toomey gathered a self-study report of the standards needed to uphold accreditation.

“We look at how we’ve complied with and met those standards for an academic year,” Ludwig said.

Once the self-study was complete and submitted, ACBSP sent a site visit team to go through the information that was included in the self-study. The site team also talked to faculty and administration to validate the report. Northwest undergoes the same process through the ten years.

“It’s a continuous process for us. There is always an ongoing reporting responsibility,” Ludwig said.

Tiffin University, Eastern New Mexico University and Pennsylvania College of Technology were the three-year schools part of the site visit team that ensured Northwest met the standards included in the self-study conducted by the business faculty.

Assistant Director of Booth School of Business Ben Blackford said ACBSP focuses on improving student learning.

“It (ACBSP) is a great organization that looks at ways for continuous improvement and ensuring the best possible outcome for students through things like the assurance of learning and those types of aspects are taken into account,” Blackford said. “As well as ensuring faculty credentials.”

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