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Transfer students Cayenne Samsanith, Ali Buesing, Lauren Valenzuela and Jessica Henderson explain what it’s like to attend Northwest as a transfer student. There were more than 200 new students enrolled this semester transferring from a community college or university. 

Student Senate approved the Northwest Transfer Club, an organization that welcomes new transfer students to come together to find a community on campus,at the Oct. 19 Student Senate meeting.

The club will hold two to three events per month for transfer and traditional students that will allow them to meet new people and ask questions they need answered. 

Club members will also attend Northwest transfer days, SOAR, to make connections with students who are considering transferring to the University and answer any questions they may have. 

Northwest Transfer Club President Ali Buesing, a transfer student from University of Nebraska-Lincoln, said that when she got to Northwest, she was stuck with questions that couldn’t be answered by anyone other than transfer students. She said that the club can help solve that problem for students like her.

“There is an overall lack of information that is available to transfer students. For example, I had no idea where to get my Bearcat card until the first day of classes until someone finally showed me.” Buesing said. “We’re hoping to consolidate information, so transfer students can get it easily and be able to provide people with answers to questions from someone your age.” 

During their presentation for club approval, the executive board said that around 40% of all college students will transfer during their time in school, and this semester alone, Northwest welcomed 225 transfer students to the campus. This club strives to give these students a place where they will be able to become integrated into the campus.

“This club will help with further implementation of transfer programs in the orientation process and to help ease transfer students onto campus and to help settle them into their new environment,” Buesing said. 

Vice President Cayenne Somsanith is a transfer student this year. She transferred from Longview Community College.

“I always knew that I was going to be a transfer student after I found out I was going to be paying for my own college… and a club like this would have helped me settle in a lot easier,” Somsanith said.

The Northwest Transfers Club Executive Board met through an event that was put on for transfer students at the beginning of the semester. They thought that this club would create more events and would create a welcoming environment for students that transfer to Northwest in the future.

Transfer Academic Advisor Jared Larson will serve as the club’s advisor.  

“I think Northwest focuses on our freshman students and that there are some gaps with programs for transfer students,” Larson said. “This organization will do a great job at providing mentorship opportunities, guiding students, offering a network and just being an inclusive unit to help guide the transfer process at Northwest.”

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