RF Student Senate Meeting 9/9

Senior Class President Brady Fritts announces another Kool Kats vaccination clinic is being planned during the last Student Senate meeting. Senate voted unanimously to pull the money from Fritts' budget to fund the event.  

Northwest’s Student Senate discussed incentives for vaccination, finance for organizations and filling empty positions at their Sep. 7 meeting. 

Organizational finance committee Chair Brady Fritts presented bringing in Kool Kats as an incentive for students to get vaccinated. Kool Kats came to Northwest for a vaccine clinic Aug. 16; however, the turnout was low, with only 27 people showing up to receive vaccinations.

Student Senate discussed and voted on a $500 payment that would be used to bring in Kool Kats. The funding would come from the co-sponsorship budget, which is around $2,000.

“We think it’s a good incentive for people to get vaccinated,” Fritts said.

Another topic Fritts brought up during the meeting was available funds for appropriations for student organizations. The organizational finance committee is working on reaching out to each organization on campus to notify them of available funds. 

Funds for organizations come from a co-curricular fee of 40 cents per credit hour, which are paid for by Northwest students to Student Senate. Organizations have a maximum amount of $1,500 they can request from Senate, but not every organization will use the money.

Applications and nominations were made for open positions at the meeting, with senior Jason Vaughn sworn in as the new National Panhellenic Council representative. Applications for a Faculty Senate representative opened for Senate members. 

Nominations for two junior class and two on-campus representatives continued, with those spots not being filled yet. Last week’s meeting filled six previously empty spots, and next week’s meeting will focus on voting to fill those positions.

Freshmen elections are approaching, with campaigning beginning on Sep. 7 and ending Sept. 24. Voting will also close when campaigns end. Junior Class President Sydney Looney called on members to reach out to freshmen about running for Senate.

Looney said only a few people came to a recent information meeting for freshmen elections and that more freshmen are encouraged.

After Student Senate President Bailey Hendrickson’s comment on attendance at the first Senate meeting, attendance at recent meetings has seen a better turnout.

Treasurer Jenna Lee-Johnson did not have a specific number on the rollover budget, but said that more has been added to the leftover $25,000 from previous years. 

The money hasn’t been spent yet because the rollover has not been discussed by the 99th Student Senate.

“We haven’t discussed it yet because we are still transitioning into our executive roles,” Hendrickson said.

The current executive board of Student Senate began transitioning in April following their election.

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