One Act

Samantha Raasch, Maryville native and founder of the local non-profit organization One Act, shops for hygiene items in bulk for students in Nodaway County schools Nov. 17 at Dollar Tree.

Growing up, some take for granted the toothbrush, toothpaste, clothes and deodorant their families can afford to provide them.

Some children do not have the basic essential needs to function in a school environment, whether that be elementary, middle or high school.

This is not a small, new or foreign problem. Some children who attend schools in Maryville and throughout Nodaway County are also in need of essential hygiene items. A local organization is helping find ways to solve this issue.

One Act, a local non-profit organization in Maryville, received a grant from GRM Networks Nov. 9. The organization, established in 2016 by its President Samantha Raasch, provides children from low-income families basic hygiene items for school.

“I just saw a need for it, and I went from there,” Raasch said. “We started with one school then to three, then to six and then jumped to twelve.

Raasch saw the need when she was president of the parent teacher organization during a compassion drive.

At the compassion drive, children from Eugene Field would bring in hygiene items as well as school items to give to other children in need. The children that were most in need were often those trying to bring in school items for others. Seeing the events that transpired at the compassion drive brought on Raasch’s motivation to create One Act.

“Taking a passion and seeing a need for helping kids and having that need of help spread throughout the county schools,” Treasurer of One Act Danielle Miller said of One Act making a difference.

Schools are a key part to the success of One Act because they are the eyes and ears for the organization, Raasch said. Schools help One Act with finding the children who need assistance.

Maryville Middle School Principal Kevin Pitts had nothing but praise for the organization.

“It’s just really nice to have some people in the community that are willing to help us out and recognize the fact that we do need some help from the community,” Pitts said.

With One Act taking donations throughout the year, it can help on average 30-40 kids a month for all the schools in Nodaway County, at an average of about $500 per school.

“I think now the community is aware of who we are and what we are doing,” Raasch said. “I think the community is more aware of the kids in the community that need help.”

One Act has been expanding its organization and formed a board of directors this year. A website is also being established to convey the organization’s mission and list a little bit about each of the board members.

“We are just really thankful for the continued donations, because that's honestly how we operate and that we couldn’t do it without all the support from the community,” Raasch said.

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