Student Senate 9/21

Sophomore Class President Nate Brown stands during the Student Senate meeting Sept. 21. During the meeting, they addressed freshmen elections, organization appropriations and voted in a new junior class representative.

Northwest’s 99th Student Senate addressed freshmen elections, organization appropriations and voted in a new junior class representative at its Sept. 21 meeting.

Junior Class Representative Sydney Looney said that the results for the 2021 freshman class representative elections will be announced next week. Candidates are campaigning, and seven freshmen are running for four representative positions.

Looney said she feels good about the elections and that she is glad so many students are running. Voting is open until Sept. 24.

Organization appropriations

The Organizational Finance Committee appropriated $500 to the Student Veterans Association to help fund a mental health event and barbeque at 11 a.m. Sept. 22 at the Memorial Bell Tower. The Senate voted to appropriate those funds at Tuesday's meeting.

Student Veterans Association President TJ Goldizen talked to Senate about the “Home of the Brave” event and asked for the funds to help with catering costs. The event will raise awareness about mental health in veterans and is free for all students to attend. Wellness Services will also be at the event providing resources to students.

The original cost of catering was $630 for the barbeque. The University Police Department donated $100, and the remaining balance after Senate appropriations was covered by the Student Veterans Association.

Goldizen announced his resignation from Senate last week and addressed the Senate as an organization leader, not as a member, at Tuesday's meeting. Goldizen said he resigned due to personal reasons, and he has already submitted a recommendation for a replacement.

As for the rollover budget appropriations, Treasurer Jenna Lee-Johnson said that no additional applications requesting funds had been submitted. Applications are open under Student Senate on Bearcat Link.

New junior class representative

Student Senate also voted on a new class representative, filling up the last empty position for junior class representatives. 

Junior Danny Heller was nominated by Junior Class Representative Garrison Kennedy and said he wanted to get more involved at Northwest.

“I think I’d be a valuable asset and provide honesty in Senate,” Heller said. “I’m very excited to join.”

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