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Northwest is now offering courses for students for cannabis, a drug that wasn’t legal in any capacity in Missouri three years ago.

In 2018, medical marijuana was passed in Missouri as a part of Amendment 2. Medical marijuana providers in Missouri and across the country have seen an increase in need for these programs since to allow these jobs to be filled. Northwest has partnered with Green Flower to make these programs possible.

Green Flower is a national company that provides universities the opportunity to gain education from certified professionals in this field.

Associate Provost of Academic Operations and Development Jay Johnson said partnering with Green Flower is part of a strategy to provide programs that address the general needs of the workforce. There are four cannabis programs that the university offers. The certificates are in Cannabis Healthcare and Medicine, Cannabis Law and Policy, The Business of Cannabis, and Cannabis Agriculture and Horticulture.

Each program costs $2,950. Each program is six months long and consists of three courses. These courses are offered online.

The Northwest Cannabis Education website outlines these courses and says the increased need for the program is because of a shortage in qualified professionals. 

Students enrolled in these programs include cannabis professionals, healthcare workers, law enforcement and even current Northwest students. New groups of these courses start six times per year. The next course will start in January. These courses do not count toward University credits. 

“Our cannabis education program provides an opportunity for professionals inside and outside the cannabis industry to obtain much needed knowledge about the industry and that it isn’t just focused on some illicit intent,”  Johnson said. “Professionals within and looking to get into the industry can use the knowledge acquired in our certificates to leverage careers in the cannabis industry.”

The growing number of legal cannabis users in Missouri and across the state has also caused 

“We view our priorities through these programs as strengthening the region’s workforce and helping maintain Northwest as a viable and innovative educational leader,” Johnson said.

After analyzing the need for cannabis education in the region, Northwest took the opportunity to provide these educational programs to ensure they were meeting workforce demands. 

Northwest originally partnered with ed2go to offer online educational opportunities for students. They then partnered with Green Flower to provide training for the newly legal medicinal cannabis industry in Missouri. 

“We want to ensure rigorous and valuable content, pay attention to affordability and student return on investment, and grow and utilize professional networks to give our students the best opportunity for growth,” Johnson said. “Green Flower hits all those marks for us, making a partnership with them a great fit for Northwest continuing professional education.”

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