Board of Regents meeting Dec. 13

Vice President of Student Affairs Matt Baker presents the Student Organization Conduct Policy along with student leaders to the Board of Regents Dec. 13.

The Northwest Board of Regents approved the Student Organization Conduct Policy during its regular meeting Dec. 13.

The Student Organization Conduct policy outlines the University’s behavioral expectations to all formally recognized student organizations. It also provides a structure for addressing policy violations, binding all organizations to be treated equitably and held to the same rules and policy.

The Student Organization Conduct Policy was presented to the board by Vice President of Student Affairs Matt Baker, Interfraternity Council President Derek Method, Panhellenic Council President Liz Conard and Student Senate President Alyssa Lincoln.

The Student Organization Conduct Policy was first released to student leaders Nov. 7. The policy has since been revised, following students voicing their opposition to several points within original policy. A revised Student Organization Conduct Policy was sent to student leaders Dec. 3.

The revised policy was presented to the board and now includes more student representation on the Student Organization Conduct Hearing Board, student input throughout the process, clarified language on sanctions and articulation on when an umbrella organization will hear cases.

During the meeting, Baker complimented the student leaders who worked to revise the policy and told the board that the policy had been revised based off of student need.

“In our final meeting last week, I asked the student leaders if they were comfortable supporting the policy based on the updates and amendments that we have made, they said that they were,” Baker said.

Lincoln shared a letter written from the 96th Student Senate, thanking the Board of Regents for its support.

“As Student Senate president, someone who represents students, I’m happy to say that we are happy with the place that the student policy is now,” Lincoln said during the meeting.

Conard spoke on behalf of the Panhellenic community during the meeting and said it appreciates the boards willingness to hear out student concern and make changes to the policy based on the needs of Greek organizations.

“We expect more from our organizations, that’s why the right to self-governance is very important to the Greek community. However, we do understand the need for this policy to be put into place,” Conard said. “Throughout this revision process, we just asked for more Panhellenic representation during different steps of the process. After reviewing the final draft of this policy, both outgoing Panhellenic Council and incoming Panhellenic Council feel like our needs have been met.”

Method spoke on behalf of Interfraternity Council and said it is in support of the revised policy.

“We feel as if there is enough representation in these steps where students can be heard,” Method said during the meeting. “There’s really not too much to complain about at this point.”

The board congratulated student leaders for their level of maturity and dedication to morphing the Student Organization Conduct Policy to best fit student needs while still understanding the responsibility of the Board of Regents.

The board also approved to name the Tennis Center after Mark Rosewell and to name the Power Plant after long-time facilities director John Redden.

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