Board of Regents - Jasinski

John Jasinski gives the graduation presentation and speech at the May 4 Board of Regents Meeting. This was Jasinski's last Board of Regents meeting he attended following the announcement of his departure from Northwest.

Starting as a professor and working his way up to sitting in the president’s office, John Jasinski is no stranger to change.

After an “All That Jazz” email struck the community April 1 announcing Jasinski will be leaving Northwest because the Board of Regents decided not to renew his contract

Though it was clear the community had questions, the one on top of everyone’s list was: what now?

Missouri State University announced June 7 that Jasinski will be coming from Maryville to Springfield, Missouri, to become the university’s interim provost. 

Missouri State Provost Frank Einhellig announced his retirement Jan. 28. At that time, it was announced the plan to hire a new executive vice president and provost and be in place by fall 2022.

We are flat-out excited to join Missouri State University,” Jasinski said, referring to him and his wife, Denise, via an “All that Jazz” email to University faculty June 10. “We are humbled, honored and inspired by this next step.”

Not only is Jasinski excited for his next step in his career, the community had many positive remarks. He had made a clear impact on nearly everyone that he crossed paths with. 

After the announcement, Facebook comments flooded with congratulations.

Northwest Regent Deborah Roach is one of many people that will miss Jasinski in his move to Missouri State.

“We will miss him, me being one of them. I think he would be fine no matter where he goes, simply because of the type of person he is,” Roach said. “He puts his whole heart into everything that he does.”

When it comes to the future of Northwest, Roach said it is going to depend on how people chose to look at the situation. 

“He has done a fantastic job, his performance is unparalleled,” Roach said. “But, we also need to look to the future for the students and make sure we keep the University successful. Not only for the students, but to carry on Dr. J’s Legacy that he’s left.”

Compassion, class, and putting every student first everyday is what Roach defined Jasinski’s legacy.

Those three traits are some of many that people would define as characteristics that make Jasinski a great fit for any role that he takes on.

Alongside Smart’s long association with Jasinski, his choice was prompted by the knowledge of his abilities and the leadership style that matches with his. 

Smart was looking for a provost with traditional academic background. To him, this means that they had been a faculty member, department head, associate provost or a provost previously – Jasinski was just that. 

After being a professor, he gained the role of the department chair for the school of Communications and Mass Media. But he didn't stop there, eventually becoming Northwest provost and then settling into his final role as president. 

Smart said that having “a very successful, experienced leader,”  is someone he trusts to help work through the ever changing world of higher education, especially in the last two years during the pandemic. 

When asked to comment, Jasinski said his recent “All That Jazz” email contained all he wanted to say.

Jasinski has defined his last 36 years at Northwest as “the stuff of dreams.”

“We have been part of a noble and good calling,” Jasinksi said in his final “All That Jazz” email to University faculty. “Mrs. J and our team always delivered on making the Gaunt House a welcoming home, and I know that fills her heart. We depart with smiles, warmth, love and hugs.”

Jasinski will begin his role at Missouri State July 1, the day after his term at Northwest comes to an end. Chief of University Police and Vice President of Culture Clarence Green will assume his position as Interim President the same day. 

“Keep the flywheel turning, Bearcat Nation,” Jasinski said, closing his final “All That Jazz” email. “See you on the other side. #OABAAB.”


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