Roberta Hall to receive renovations

Morgan Koch will be one of many residents of Roberta Hall to enjoy bathroom renovations set to begin in April.

The Northwest Board of Regents approved a renovations refresh proposal for Roberta Hall to not exceed $1 million.

Roberta Hall allows the women of Greek Life to reside together and is home to Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Phi Mu, Sigma Kappa and Sigma Sigma Sigma. It was built in 1922 and is the oldest dorm on campus.

Facility Services Director Allen Mays said the renovations to Roberta Hall will likely include new lighting, restroom upgrades, new carpet in designated areas along with other necessary upkeep improvements.

“It’s an older building; it’s a historic building,” Mays said. “Our master plan called for keeping that building and uplifting that building. It's one of our priorities that has come out of our auxiliary service and our Residential Life Master Plan.”

Roberta Hall is 50,000 square feet. It can house up to 184 people in its 91 rooms. The hall has three floors and a walkout basement.

Renovations and repairs have been done in Roberta Hall periodically over the years. Electronic access work was done in 2011. A full carpet replacement was completed in 2012. Most recently in 2015, the domestic hot water heaters were replaced.

Director of Residential Life Rose Viau said the need for repairs to Roberta Hall were mainly brought to attention by receiving feedback from the residents.

“We’ve had a lot of problems with things that needed fixed,” Viau said. “Not major problems, but the girls have talked about the showers for a couple of years and how they don’t look very good, some of them leak. Each year we’re able to budget a certain amount of money for different things to fix and so we really wanted to focus on Roberta.”

Funding for the Roberta Hall refresh comes from two buckets of funding: the Campus Master Plan budget and the Auxiliary Services budget.

“I think the funding associated with this particular project fit for fiscal year 2019,” Mays said. “We knew we wanted to do it, just positioning ourselves and how it fell in the priority list is something that was discussed and finally landed for this year. We’ve got other buildings on our list for our Campus Master Plan, but this is one of the ones we wanted to tackle this year.”

The architect for this project is Trevor’s and Associates out of St. Louis. Viau said typically the architect will have three to four fold pallets for the University to choose from for paint and tile options.

Viau said they plan on letting the girls who live on Roberta Hall pick out which fold pallet they like best.

“I think they’ll love it,” Viau said. “I think they’ll really like that we’re redoing the bathroom showers. We’ll involve them because we’re probably going to redo the tile in there as well and we’ll paint, so we’ll involve them and ask them colors that they would like to have in those.”

The refresh work in Roberta Hall will begin in April after residents move out and will conclude in August, in time for move in for the fall 2019 semester.

“Every year we're trying to put some money into the residence halls because we want to make them great places to live,” Viau said.

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