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Maryville’s SSM Health St. Francis Hospital will change their name April 1. The hospital will switch ownership from SSM Health to Mosaic.

The transition from SSM Health to Mosaic makes Nate Blackford the new president of Mosaic Medical Center-Maryville.

The purchase between SSM Health and Mosaic was finalized last December. The transfer of ownership of SSM Health St. Francis Hospital and the rest of services that SSM Health provided like, its outpatient, home care, hospice, medical group services and SSM Health Preschool and Child Care were was granted to Mosaic.

“We intend to continue to deliver the high quality care and efficient experience that Maryville residents and surrounding communities have been accustomed to,” said Blackford. “It will just be done under a new name.”

Blackford is a Northwest alumnus. He graduated from Northwest with a bachelor’s degree in marketing management, he then went on to earn his master’s degree in business administration.

Blackford recently worked as the vice president and chief operating officer of MPact Health in Parkville, Missouri.

A spiritual transition ceremony took place on March 19 to hand over SSM Health to Mosaic.

Maryville City Manager Greg McDanel said the event was to celebrate and mark the new ownership of the hospital.

“(The ceremony) was a formal transitioning ceremony with speakers that spoke about the history of the sisters and the SSM traditions, and also providing good wishes through a ceremony to Mosaic Life Care and the Maryville community,” McDanel said.

Although there will be a few changes within the hospital, the staff will be the same from SSM Health to Mosaic.

“There are a number of steps that need to be taken, primarily the onboarding of St. Francis (SSM Health) caregivers to Mosaic’s HR (human resources) organization,” Blackford said. “It’s the migration to a new electronic medical record and other associated cultural transitions.”

There will not be an overwhelming amount of changes in day to day operations. However, patients of the hospital are encouraged to call and check with their healthcare providers to see if anything needs to be done before the switch. The transition will see a change in databases and may cause some loss of records or appointments.

Blackford said he has a few main ideas for the newly named hospital.

“My main goals as president is to continue to deliver exceptional healthcare and great patient experience close to home,” Blackford said. “We will try to create as many services available as possible within the community, to ensure that the organization continues to provide those healthcare needs.”

McDanel said he is excited to work with Blackford and see what he can continue to bring to the community.

“We look forward to working with Mr. Blackford,” McDanel said, “He has been a phenomenal member of our community for a long time, and to have him be the leader during this transition is comforting to our citizens.”

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